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5 Qualities of a Professional Cross-Country Moving Company

5 Qualities of a Professional Cross-Country Moving Company

The moving process is often complex, presenting many unique challenges for movers. One element that can add more stress to the occasion is the distance you’ll be traveling to your new destination or location. Moving down the street can be stressful enough, let alone moving across the entire country! Undeniably, this situation brings out hidden considerations that can make the process even more complicated. That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable, trustworthy, and upstanding moving company that has plenty of experience in long-distance, cross-country moves.

In this article, we’ll discuss five important tips or clues to finding the right professional cross-country moving company. It’s essential to do your own research, and keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive; although, these are some of the main considerations to choose the right company for your big day:

1. Licensing and Documentation

Moving companies are required by law to have proper licensing and documentation, and to willingly provide this information to consumers and clients alike. Even if a company is reputable and has good standing in the community, it’s important to research the status of their insurance and licensing. They should be registered with a federal DOT number, which you can look up easily online. Furthermore, they shouldn’t have any negative marks on their record with the Better Business Bureau. As you search for the right moving company for your cross-country move, it’s important to look up this information well in advance so you feel comfortable trusting them with your prized possessions.

2. Communication Skills

One of the telltale signs of any good business, company, or corporation is their communication skills with clients. Before signing any contracts, it’s essential to determine if you have good rapport with the company officials and professionals. You can test this by sending them an email or calling them inquiring about their services; the speed and quality of their response can tell you a lot about how they typically interact with customers. Furthermore, you should always be able to get ahold of their staff in case of an emergency on your cross-country move; they should have a designated plan for emergency communication should the occasion arise.

3. Accuracy and Range of Cost Estimates

Just because a company is cheaper doesn’t mean they’re the right choice, and just because a company charges more doesn’t mean their services are of higher quality – it’s important to do these research comparisons on your own. Be sure to factor in how different companies estimate their costs differently, and don’t forget to read all the fine print in their contracts and agreements. Be on the lookout for hidden costs that they try to weasel in at the last minute, as this is often the way they attempt to make more money from unsuspecting clientele.

4. Customer Service Skills and Reputation in Community

Along with communication skills, moving companies should have an excellent reputation with their former clients. Look for longevity in their clientele and overall customer satisfaction in online reviews; it’s normal for every business to have the occasional dissatisfied client, but if that’s their average review, you might want to look elsewhere. Communities generally rally around businesses that add value to the area and provide quality services to residents; look for a moving company that has been around for a long time and shows consistent results in customer satisfaction.

5. A Solid Game Plan for the Big Day

Any moving company that doesn’t make any preparations for a move isn’t one you should do business with. You know how much preparation it’s taken you to plan your move, and you shouldn’t be doing all the work alone. It’s often difficult to plan a cross-country move because of the unexpected or unforeseen factors, so be sure to confirm that the moving company is at least taking precautions to plan their route and the logistics of the moving day.

Watford Moving & Storage: A Cross-Country Standard

Planning a move isn’t always easy, especially when it Cross-Country Moving Packing involves traveling across the country. Here at Watford Moving & Storage, these types of moves are what keep us on our toes and challenge our foresight in the moving process – it is always our mission to make these moves as smooth and simple as possible, making our clients’ lives much easier at the end of the moving day. We’re also proud to have been serving Santa Clarita and other Los Angeles County areas for several decades! To learn more about our licensure, insurance, pricing, or other vital information, please contact one of our helpful cross-country moving specialists today.