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Basic Terminology Used by Long-distance Movers

Basic Terminology Used by Long-distance Movers

Moving a household or even possessions and valuables over long distances can be a daunting prospect. With lots of things to consider, simultaneously keeping on top of things can be a struggle. Something which can pile on more stress is not understanding the lingo used by your moving company.

All businesses have their own buzzwords and acronyms, but for those not in the know, it can lead to confusion and crossed-wires. When you are trusting a stranger with your earthly possessions over potentially thousands of miles, it’s certainly something you want to avoid.

With this in mind, in this article, we’ll demystify some of the most common terminology used by long-distance movers to give you complete clarity and peace of mind when moving your things across many miles.

Additional/Accessorial Services

This term means services which are extra to the basic moving process, such as packing or unpacking, stair carrying, and special requests made by the client or by building regulations.

Appliance Service

This is the fee which companies charge to disconnect and reconnect appliances. Appliances usually covered by this include washers, dryers, freezers, fridges, and so on. Some companies will have a set rate for this service or offer the service as an add-on feature, while others will simply factor in the time taken.

Assessed Value Coverage

This tells you how much per $1,000 of assessed item(s) value you’ll need to pay to cover your items. This is a kind of protection which applies a cash value to items when moving. Check with your service provider the specific terms they enforce.

Bill of Lading

This is the contract you make between you and your mover. It can be used as a form of receipt. It is essential that you fully read and understand everything on the bill before signing.

Binding Estimate

This is a flat price that the mover will quote to you. Once quoted and agreed upon, this price will not change, no matter how complex the job becomes.

Non-binding Estimate

This is a price estimate which is subject to change and can be impacted by unexpected setbacks in the removal process.


This stands for Cash On Delivery, and is where payment is expected at the time of delivery.

Cost of Move

This outlines how much the move will cost you without the various added charges or insurance. Here are some tips to reduce the cost of your interstate move.

Expedited Service

This is an agreement to move goods by a specific date in exchange for a higher fee.

Flight Charge

This has nothing to do with flying! Instead, it outlines the specific additional cost for a flight of stairs, either at the current address or the delivery address. If your location has a working elevator, then this fee can often be negated.

Freight Service

This is a great low-cost option to moving goods but does require extra elbow grease on your behalf. Freight services are cheaper, but they will only deliver the items to the doorstep of the delivery address. All items must also be pre-boxed or wrapped in blankets as needed.

High Value Article

A high-value article is an object or item that is valued at over $100 per pound of weight.

Order for Service

This is the document which allows the moving company to move your items.

Peak Season Rates

This represents a higher rate, which is usually charged by companies in the summer months.

Standard Coverage

This is the amount of coverage required by law that moving companies have to offer you for free. This number is what you will receive for each pound of goods that arrives damaged. If you have valuables you want to transport, you shouldn’t rely solely on this coverage.


This is the list that movers are required by law to have to be able to move items inter-state. It should clearly show their price list, rules, regulations, charges, and rates.

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