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Challenges One Might Encounter During Long Distance Move

Challenges One Might Encounter During Long Distance Move

Any move presents unique challenges that the everyday individual might not have to deal with on a regular basis; however, it’s important to do your best to prepare and plan for a long distance move so that you aren’t sideswiped by the commonly unforeseen issues movers often experience. Long distance moving in particular is difficult to plan or prepare for, but it’s not impossible. Of course, things might wind up out of your control at various points, but it’s best to at least have a plan of attack to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. The common challenges one might encounter during a long distance move aren’t all that different from local moving issues; however, they’re worth discussing in order to best prepare.

Lost or damaged valuables

Even when you pack and move all of your own valuables, some items are bound to become damaged or even broken. Moving companies are generally more careful with boxes that are clearly labeled as “fragile,” and it’s important to organize your boxes in the safest way possible. For instance, packing all of your heavy dishes into one giant box is never a good idea—it is best to spread out the weight of your items and pack them reliably with proper padding. This way, if a box does get mishandled, you won’t have an entire set of broken dishes in one box when you arrive at your new location. Furthermore, if you own specialty items like antique furniture that can easily become damaged during transit, you might consider purchasing moving insurance. You can find out more about the moving company’s insurance options beforehand—in fact, it should be one of the criteria for your choosing a reliable Santa Clarita moving company. Depending on their policies, you might be able to insure specific belongings that are especially valuable along the trip.

Issues moving furniture into new residence

One of the most difficult aspects of long-distance moves is that transporting back and forth between residences can be tricky—especially if you’re trying to prepare for the move adequately. If you can, plan ahead to go to the new location with a notepad and some measuring tape to mark down important measurements—i.e. where you’ll place the major appliances, how you’ll fit larger items through doorways, hallways, or windows, etc. You should do your best to obtain measurements and plan out the move as best you can. You may need to remain in contact with the previous owner who may be willing to help you get the necessary measurements and plans for move-in day. This will cut down on the time and cost of moving overall and make the day go more smoothly all together.

Adverse traffic conditions

It is typical for people to decide to move on a weekend or toward the end of a month, usually due to rental agreements and stipulations; however, it might be in your best interest to plan your move during the week, and during the middle of the month. While the point of planning your move for a weekend is to likely avoid traffic conditions, you’ll find that traffic gets pretty hectic on weekends traveling far distances, especially on busy highways and freeways. If you move during the week you can plan the day around the busy traffic times and wind up at your new location before rush hour ever hits. Furthermore, you’ll get to save money in moving costs, as moving companies typically reduce their rates in the middle of the month and during the middle of the week.


Possibly the biggest issue with long distance moves is facing the consequences of lack of organization and proper preparation. Staying organized can make a move go a lot smoother. You can start by making a list of priorities from most urgent to least urgent, and making a list of the items you’ll need to have open access to during your move. Remember, staying organized can relieve a lot of stress during a long distance move, and lists are your friend!

Well Organized Boxes

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