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Checklist to Make Your Move Successful

Checklist to Make Your Move Successful

Moving poses many unique challenges that one may not consider until the actual day of the move. However, it’s best to think through your moving experience before you get stuck without a plan. Some moving companies that are especially mindful of how stressful the moving process be can be particularly helpful in preparing their clients for the big day. Other moving companies, however, tend to take advantage of inexperienced movers with the understanding that a lack of adequate preparation will likely cost the customer more money in the end. It is important that movers take matters into their own hands in preparing for a move. Here is a short checklist that will help make your move more successful (and inexpensive):

Get Quotes and Estimates

When surveying the moving companies in your area, it is critical to compare pricing options and qualifications. Moving companies do not all charge the same way, and it may help you to figure out how you can cut a few corners to save some cash—after all, moving to a new place may pose unique challenges that you’ll need a little extra money for. Understanding how a company charges can help you get inspired to ditch some of those old items you don’t use anymore, or better yet, sell them at a garage sale to put towards the move.

Take an Inventory of Your Belongings

After you get a good idea of what moving company you’d like to hire, you can take an inventory of your belongings; sometimes it may be helpful to reverse these first two steps, depending on what types of items will pose unique challenges (such as pianos). Once you figure out how much stuff you’ll be moving, then you can plan what type of packing materials to utilize.

Start Packing Items

Packing your belongings is not something you want to put off until the last minute—in fact, it can help reduce a lot of stress to get a head start on the process and pack gradually. Of course, you should always begin by packing the items that you use less frequently, such as larger kitchen appliances, books, and many garage supplies.

Lock Down a Moving Company

After finding the right moving company you’d like to go with, contact them to finalize the moving date and other special arrangements. The company should come to your location for a consultation and assess the necessary precautions they must take to make sure the move goes smoothly. Depending on where the new location is, they may even want to take a quick look to see if there are any special concerns like stairs, elevators, or front-door/back-door access.

Measure Large Items and Doorways

Usually efficient moving companies will take it upon themselves to measure any belongings that could potentially cause issues on moving day, but it’s best to take your own precautions and ask pertinent questions about the movers’ plans. You should be sure to measure doorways, hallways, window openings, and large items that need to be moved to make sure that you have a clear path and plan of attack.

Pack a Box for Immediately-Needed Items

One of the rules of thumb for the day of your move is to pack a suitcase as if you’d be going on an overnight trip somewhere. All of your immediate necessities like toiletries, a few changes of clothes, shoes, and basic essentials should be in one easy-to-find location—moving day can be hectic, and it’s easy for things to get lost in translation. You should also consider packing a first-aid kit and a few basic tools.

Things Packed Properly

Our Philosophy on Moving

The transition of moving alone is stress-provoking for most people, and at Watford Moving & Storage we take necessary precautions to make sure the entire experience goes as planned. Having a checklist to refer to has helped our long list of clientele prepare for moving day. Serving both Santa Clarita County and San Fernando Valley, we are familiar with the different challenges that can come up for movers in the nearby locations such as traffic and heat. It may also help to research what moving day will look like in terms of weather and traffic conditions so that you aren’t surprised on the big day.