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Common Moving Mistakes People Make

Common Moving Mistakes People Make

Moving is a stressful process for anyone and poses many unique challenges that sometimes are difficult to foresee or prepare for. When planning a move, there are many details to consider and it can become overwhelming relatively quickly. While it helps to be organized, sometimes we just cannot prepare for everything that could go wrong. If you have ever moved before, you already know that sometimes issues come up that you may not know how to deal with. Depending on where you are moving to, where you are moving from, how many belongings you will be bringing with you, and your budget, it may be best for you to enlist the help of professional movers they can significantly help you prepare for all the issues that may come up along the way. However, it can be extremely helpful to know what the most common moving issues are so that you don’t repeat them in the future. In other words, we can learn something from other peoples’ mistakes. When things go wrong, we can be hard on ourselves for not preparing more adequately. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when they are moving so that you can avoid making the same errors.

They don’t hire a reputed moving company

Last time you moved it was a big hassle to get organized and prepared; this time around, you vow that you will do things differently and hire a professional moving company. They end up being two hours late to your new apartment and some of your belongings have mysteriously gone missing. After a little digging, you find out that the company is poorly rated and has had issues with the Better Business Bureau. In hindsight, you wish that you had researched the company more thoroughly before hiring them. One of the most common mistakes that movers make is not properly informing themselves about the company they choose to hire.

So, what makes a good moving company? The most important thing is that the company you choose is reliable and trustworthy—if their reputation isn’t great, you might want to think twice about relying on them to ensure the safety of your belongings.

They don’t declutter unnecessary things

Another common mistake that movers make is not eliminating a good chunk of their belongings before they pack it all up and move to the next location. One of the ways that moving companies charge you is based on the weight of all of your belongings added up. This can be a problem for those of us who tend to be pack rats and say, “it all goes with us!” It is best to eliminate as much as possible so that you can cut down on the cost of moving and have less junk on your hands with your fresh start. Moving is a good opportunity to purge some of the clutter that has accumulated over the years in your old home. Not only will you have less to pack, you’ll have less to unpack when you arrive. You may even be able to make a little money in the process to help you pay for the moving expenses; in other words, have a few garage sales beforehand.

Proper Labeling of Items

They pack heavily

One more common mistake people tend to make is packing as much stuff into one box as possible; this can lead to broken or damaged items. One of the worst sights when you begin unpacking is opening a box of broken ceramic or glass. When you take the time to properly distribute weight among your boxes and not overload one box with too many heavy items, you will be glad that you spared yourself the heartbreak of seeing your precious china in pieces. Another issue with packing is not properly labeling your boxes. Staying organized sounds difficult, but it will pay off heavily in the end when you see that unpacking is a breeze in comparison. When you properly label your boxes they are easily recognizable and easier to put in the appropriate places for movers. Keeping your labels simple, yet informative is helpful, and don’t forget to include key words such as “dishes; fragile” or “stuffed animals”—this will indicate to the mover that certain boxes are to be handled with more care. Moving doesn’t have to be a disaster; just know how to prepare, and hope for the best.