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Corporate Relocations

Planning & Project Management are Key While the most important aspects of a residential move may be ensuring great-grandma’s china and other precious family heirlooms arrive in one piece or making sure that there is still enough money left over to redo the kids bedrooms; corporate relocations pose a different set of challenges. While budget is still relevant, some larger issues may prevail, such as: minimizing down time, not interrupting business flow, and making a smooth transition for employees. Proper planning and project management can help alleviate most disruptions and ensure a smooth relocation process. Make certain your corporate move is completed efficiently and within budget by receiving a detailed estimate and project management plan. Trained relocation experts can also help with:

  • ensuring proper coordination among all parties involved
  •  obtaining insurance certificates
  •  cubicle reconfiguration
  • specialty items (artwork needing crating, computer transfer, copy machines, etc)
  •  reserving elevators and parking permits
  •  offering complete packing and storage services

When choosing a moving company, make sure your business’ functionality and productivity are the top concerns.