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Factors to Consider Before an International Move

Factors to Consider Before an International Move

Moving internationally is a huge undertaking, but for some it’s simply another adventure. You might be moving for a new employment opportunity, to follow your heart and explore uncharted territory, or to simply have a change of scenery. Whatever is guiding your decision to move to another country, it will be a monumental change in your daily life. Life’s biggest deals such as these require a lot of planning and preparation, and it helps to have an idea of what you’ll need to consider beforehand.

Of course you’ll need to have your mail sent to the right place, you’ll need to have a home locked down, and you might want to research the area you’re moving to for the smoothest transition. However, there are a few things that movers often overlook that wind up putting them in serious trouble. It’s safe to assume that moving to another country will pose some unknown challenges, but with a good plan you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that movers fall victim to. Here are some of the important factors you should consider before you move internationally.

Saving up for unforeseen costs

Going on vacation usually costs plenty of money. Moving to another country is a doozy if you’re not familiar with the currency and how much things typically cost there. You’ll need to save up a good chunk of change to prepare for the move, but to also act as a cushion in your new location. Furthermore, you might not have a job nailed down just yet, so plan on having a good savings to cover your expenses while you’re making the shift.

Research and complete necessary documentation and paperwork

Lack of paperwork and incomplete paperwork are two of the main causes for international moving difficulties. You might consider consulting with a professional who is familiar with the moving process to the specific country you’re moving to so that you don’t overlook any important paperwork. Keep this paperwork well-organized and handy, and above all else, make sure you make copies of these documents! In case you lose that folder, having a backup can save you in a legal jam.

Look into the costs of shipping and storing items

It is often the case that moving overseas is financially draining if you choose to keep all of your possessions and belongings. shipping and storage will vary depending on where you’re moving to and from, but usually it’s best to purge as much “stuff” as possible, only keeping the vital essentials and must-have possessions. Shipping large pieces of furniture or your vehicle is expensive no matter where you’re moving to, and if you absolutely must keep them, you might consider storing them in your homeland. Consider, however, that you’ll likely need to buy new furniture and spend money on a mode of transportation in the new country as well.

Keep vital records available at a moment’s notice

Proof of vaccinations and other health records isn’t something we typically care about on a daily basis, but when moving to another country this is critical to have on-hand. You never know when you’ll need to prove that you’re healthy or not carrying any contagious diseases into your new country. Making copies of these records is also a great idea to avoid having to get last minute arrangements made from doctor’s offices.

Make sure you have access to your funds in the new country

Because money seems to be an entirely digital and technological thing nowadays, many of us assume that our funds will be immediately available to us in our new country. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. You’ll need to meet with your bank officials to ensure that they’re anticipating your move and you will be able to be access your funds immediately upon landing.

Planning International Move

Hiring professionals to help with your moving needs

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