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Organizing your entire home is a big project.  Different people approach it in different ways, depending on their personalities.  Take a week off work and attack the whole house?  Or 30 minutes a day?  There are many ways to succeed, but the one thing they all have in in common is; you need to get started!  And the best way to start is with de-cluttering so you end up with a lot less to organize.

Whether your project is home organization, garage organization, closet organization; these all have something in common.  They usually have TOO MUCH!

  • Stuff
  • Clutter
  • Chaos
  • Losing things
  • Stress
  • Frustration


Sometimes we find that de-cluttering is not as easy as it looks as it is very emotional.  Some of the problems are:

  • Getting hung up on emotional attachment to things we don’t really need to keep
  • Keeping things “just in case they might come in handy”
  • Keeping unwanted gifts because we might offend the giver
  • Expecting to lose weight so we can fit into those smaller size clothes
  • Keeping something because it was expensive, even though we don’t use it
  • Keeping way too many things to remind us of someone special

So, let’s get started!   Create a calendar and start with one room at a time.  Set a timer if you are on a tight schedule.  15 minutes a day or more if you can.  Have plenty of trash bags and boxes available for things that you will either discard or donate to charitable organizations. Have storage containers for items you will keep.   As you complete each task on your calendar, cross it off.  This will keep you motivated to keep going as you will see each task you have put behind you as completed.

De-cluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything except the bare essentials.  Not at all!  If your home is to be a relaxing, peaceful environment of how you want to live then it should contain everything you need.  Things you enjoy, things you use occasionally, or things you want to keep for the future.  The objective is to obtain a peaceful, relaxed environment utilizing your living space the way you originally intended.

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