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How a Mover Can Relocate Your Heavy Items Safely

How a Mover Can Relocate Your Heavy Items Safely

Loading and transporting mass amounts of non-breakable items such as clothing or books is not usually what stresses out a mover, but it is the heavier items that generally make us clench our jaw in fear over a move, losing sleep at night over the complex logistics of how to go about moving such items. Moments like these make us throw our hands up and surrender to the fact that sometimes we need to hire professionals who can help us with tasks we’re simply not familiar with, and that fully depend on technique and expertise to execute properly. Hiring a professional local moving company to help you relocate your heavy items safely is sometimes essential to the moving process—it can prevent damage to family heirlooms, antique pieces of furniture, or expensive, irreplaceable prized possessions. It is best to put your faith, and furniture, in the hands of experts who have plenty of experience successfully moving. Typically moving companies have specific protocol when moving larger or heavier items that make the process smoother, less dangerous, and more successful. Here are some ways that a professional mover will go about relocating our heavy items:

Enough preparation by experts

Preparation is key in order to pull of the move of a heavy item. If you choose a moving company that has a protocol nailed down for moving heavy pieces of furniture then you should notice that they pay close attention to how to best prepare for the move. For instance, they will likely send a moving technician over ahead of time to help prepare, protect, and thoroughly measure the item before moving day. The movers should additionally pre-measure hallways, doorways, stairwells, elevators, and whatever other conditions may be present that could pose an obstacle to successfully moving the heavy item—both at the old and new locations. Finding a plan of attack ahead of time is critical for several reasons, including the safety of your items; however, it also can have a serious effect on your moving costs—some moving companies will charge you for overtime, despite any haphazard effort to avoid the extended period of time needed to move the item in the first place.

Engage required number of employees

Also along the lines of adequate preparation, the company should also plan to bring an adequate number of employees to help move such an item safely. Of course, the more employees that are needed for the job, the safer it is to assume that it will cost you more money in the end. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes moving heavy items is a little bit trickier for moving companies, and their prices will reflect their efforts. If you are especially concerned about the well being of the heavy item, then you may want to consider purchasing special insurance for that particular item. The moving company of your choice should be able to work something out that you feel comfortable with.

Use of advanced equipment

Lastly, professional movers have streamlined ways of moving larger, heavier items. Items like grand pianos can seem impossible to move for the average person, but expert moving companies have their own designated equipment to help the process along more easily. Furniture straps and stakes, dollies, and carts are all designed to be utilized in moving larger, heavier items without needing 10 strong individuals to muscle it out the front door. Good moving companies make such tasks look easy.

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We handle heavy items efficiently

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