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How to Care for Your Pet During Your Long-Distance Moves

How to Care for Your Pet During Your Long-Distance Moves

Moving can be both stressful and joyful, depending on many different factors. There are plenty of things to keep organized, such as: schedules; belongings and their whereabouts; directions to your next destination; logistics of the moving day; and many other contributing factors. Adding a pet into the mix can make things a little more complicated, but it can also add a bit of relief to your moving day if you let it.

In this article, we’ll go over some tips that can help you care for your pet during your long-distance move, hopefully making the added element of a furry friend a little more enjoyable than stressful! You can also find more tips about moving with a pet here.

Bring Plenty of Creature Comforts

Depending on how accustomed to traveling your pet is, it might be a little stressed during a moving adventure. It’s important to think of your pet’s needs before leaving for your trip so you can have easy access to the things that keep them comfortable:

  • Food – make sure to ration out enough food for the journey, with their favorite food bowl easily-accessible.
  • Water – it’s important to avoid dehydration on long trips, so make sure to bring bottled water with you for your pet.
  • Bedding – on long trips, pets usually get tired after a while and just want to rest. Bring their favorite bedding with you so they can feel at-home on the trip.
  • Toys – while they might not have the time or concern to play with a toy on the trip, they might enjoy smelling a familiar smell, or chewing on a bone along the way.

Secure Your Pet

One of the most important elements of pet care on moving excursions is making sure your pet is secured appropriately on the trip. You can purchase a dog leash/seatbelt to keep your pet from flying around the back seat, or you may choose to secure them in a crate while they’re being transported. In fact, many states require that a pet be secured appropriately during transit.

Estimate the Length of Commute

It’s helpful to plan your trip ahead of time, no matter what; however, if you’re bringing your pet with you, it’s important to plan accordingly for stops so that your pet can eat, stretch, and have a bathroom break. You might even look for parks along the way to schedule a pit stop – this can provide a well-deserved break for the whole family!

We’ve written an article about an interstate commute with pets.

Keep Your Pet’s Info Handy

Along with looking for planned pitstops, you might also want to keep track of a few veterinarian hospitals along your commute. For such occasions, it’s important that you keep the following information handy:

  • Medical/Veterinarian records
  • License documentation

Set Reminders for Medications and Feedings

With all the stress and business of moving, it’s easy to forget the simple necessitates for our pets – don’t take it personally, we all get caught up in making sure a move goes smoothly that it’s normal to let a few things slip by us. Here are some things you should set reminders for:

  • Scheduled pit stops and bathroom breaks
  • Medication administration
  • Normal feeding times

If you think this might be too difficult to remember, you might want to put someone else in charge of the pets’ routine or schedule – delegating such tasks can make your move much simpler too!

Familiarize Your Pet with Its New Environment

Pets can become stressed, just like us, when they are being relocated. It’s important to trace your scent all around the new location with your pet so they can become more familiar and comfortable with their new territory. As soon as it is possible, it’s helpful to take your pet on a walk around the new neighborhood to allow them to smell and mark the new area.

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