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How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Moving Service Provider

How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Moving Service Provider

The process of moving takes a lot of effort in planning and preparation, and sometimes we forget about the details of our household that might pose a unique challenge to us during the process. For instance, since gun safes generally sit out of sight, perhaps in the corner of your closet, it might not be at the forefront of your mind to consider how it must be moved out of your house safely.

Preparing for moving a gun safe takes thoughtful consideration—especially if you’re planning on performing the move yourself. However, most moving companies have a set protocol for moving gun safes, and it involves a level of planning and cooperation on the owner’s part. Firstly, it’s important to know what to look for in an experienced, reputable moving company—especially when they’re moving your gun safe. Here are some things to consider before you choose a gun safe moving service provider.

Do they have the appropriate equipment for moving safes?

Depending on the size and weight of your safe, the process of moving them often involves the need for specific equipment. Usually moving companies will need to employ the use of a dolly; in fact, this is the safest way to move a gun safe because it’s not physically being carried by a human being. Experienced moving companies will have the appropriate equipment for moving safes of all sizes and weights.

Do they have a set strategy for moving safes?

Along with employing the appropriate equipment to move a gun safe, there are specific scenarios that pose a challenge to moving companies who take on this endeavor. The layout of a home must be considered when attempting to move a safe efficiently.

How to store the safe during the move

Because the contents of a gun safe are potentially dangerous to those moving it, it’s important that the moving company has a plan for safely moving and storing it. It should be wrapped and bound appropriately, and they should have a protocol for the best practice of safe moving, including implementing a buddy system, as safes can be heavy and dangerous themselves.

How to get it up or down stairs safely

Since safes are difficult to carry upstairs alone, people usually keep them on a lower level of a home where it’s easy to access and move in and out of the home if need be. However, if for some reason a safe is located upstairs or will need to be moved downstairs, the moving company you choose should have the right equipment and methods for doing so. Moving a safe up and down stairs is a precarious process, so it’s important to strap the safe to the dolly you’re using to move it. Furthermore, it should be done slowly and extremely carefully to avoid injury or damage to the contents inside the safe.

How you can prepare the items inside for a safe move

The purpose of any safe is to protect the items inside, whether it’s jewelry or important documents. However, gun safes are especially dangerous to move—particularly if the guns inside are not prepared appropriately. Making sure that the guns are securely stored, ammunition is separated from the guns, they’re all unloaded, and the safety locks are on is an important step to take before you attempt to move the safe, otherwise it could be much more dangerous of a process. Most moving companies will want to make sure that the client has taken the necessary precautions before they attempt to move the safe for them.

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Why to hire a professional moving company for the job

Watford Moving & Storage has been moving delicate items like gun safes for the residents and businesses in Santa Clarita and other Los Angeles County areas for over 2 decades. We have a strict protocol for how we approach moving gun safes in particular because it is such a precarious undertaking; the most important thing to us is the safety of our clients and employees during such a process. If you own a gun safe and are planning a move in the near future, please contact us directly to learn more about how we approach moving gun safes and what you can do to prepare your safe for the moving process.