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How to Determine a Weight-Based Estimate for Long-Distance Moves

How to Determine a Weight-Based Estimate for Long-Distance Moves

Moving long-distance presents unique challenges to households and offices all across the nation, making it one of the more stressful events in a person’s life. One of the associated stress with moving is the cost – it can be rather expensive if the proper preparations aren’t made in advance. Many moving companies estimate the cost of their services based partly on the total weight of the items being moved; this is called a weight-based estimate. Of course, there are other factors that will play a role in how much the moving service costs; however, you may be able to reduce the cost of moving significantly by following these helpful tips:

Plan Your Packing Sooner Rather Than Later

Packing is half the battle when it comes to any move, let alone a long-distance move. You’ll want to sort through your belongings with plenty of time to spare, utilizing these strategies:

  • Label boxes thoroughly
  • Catalog what’s inside each box
  • Get a head start packing items you don’t need immediately
  • Keep emergency documents and important paperwork handy and easy-to-find
  • Stay organized and make lists of things to take care of as you go

Determine What Items Movers Must Help With

Every individual moving situation is different, depending on many circumstances; for instance, where you live (i.e. city, rural areas, houses, apartments, etc.) can have a great impact on how much help you’ll need during your moving process. Here are a few ways you can assess and estimate what you’ll need a professional moving company to help you with:

  • Estimate Weight and Quantity of Larger Items – Usually people need the most help with larger, heavier items during their move. Take a moment to inventory the pieces of furniture, or larger items that you’ll need help moving. You can also roughly estimate the weight of each item – especially if you’ve moved it before!
  • Determine if You Require Special Assistance – Occasionally households will have specialty items, such as pianos or antique furniture pieces, that require specialized assistance to move. You’ll want to ask your moving company how they typically price such endeavors, and how you can reduce the cost of that portion.

Determine What You Can Move Yourself

If you’d like to significantly reduce the cost of moving due to weight-based pricing, you can certainly determine what items you can move yourself easily. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t Take Items You Can Live Without – To narrow down the belongings you’re taking with you, you can take this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. Hold a garage sale, donate, or put items in storage to lighten your load, literally, and reduce moving costs associated with weight.
  • Maximize Your Packing Strategies – To make things easier to move yourself, you can substitute some packing materials with bedding, clothing, or towels. Also, packing suitcases with clothing, books, or other heavy items can make moving much easier.

Talk to Your Moving Company

Long Distance Move Weight-Based Estimate

It’s important that you speak with your moving company about several factors before signing a contract including a weight-based estimate. Here are some things to keep in mind when you speak with your professional moving company:

  • Ask Important Questions – By planning your move well ahead of time, you give yourself the space to come up with tons of questions – new ones will come up every day. We encourage you to write down these questions, or have an ongoing email thread with your moving company to determine how to make your long-distance move go smoothly and cost-effectively.
  • Ask About Deals and Pricing – In addition to the total weight of items being moved, moving companies usually use several different methods for setting their prices – and every moving company is slightly different. Be sure to ask about how your total item weight will affect your moving costs.
  • Use Online Resources – Many moving companies provide their clients with a weight-based estimate using an online calculator. This can be a helpful tool and should be relatively easy to use.