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How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

The environment has undergone a lot of changes within the past few decades, and more people are becoming aware of it. Now more than ever, people are “going green” and this includes everyone from city-dwellers to more rural residents. Reducing your carbon footprint is important for the collective good of the environment and of the communities we live in. Re-evaluating how you perform the daily tasks in your life to assess how much of an environmental impact you make is crucial; for every person who does so is adding to a significant reduction in polluting the earth. Some might not consider how they are affecting the environment when moving to one location to another, but you might be surprised at how much you can do to lessen the environmental impact that moving has. Styrofoam in particular is difficult to get away from when you move; it can be helpful in stabilizing and cushioning delicate items in boxes. However, there are other ways that you can address the same issue without using non-biodegradable materials. Thankfully there are alternatives to help make your move more eco-friendly; here are a few of those options.

Watford Moving is an eco-friendly mover and has a commitment to the environment including the “10 Trees for Every Move” conservation program. Let us explain how you can help the environment as well and make your move eco-friendly.

Make use of newspapers

Firstly, if you would still like to know about an alternative to bubble wrap or packing peanuts, the answer is likely sitting on your front porch: the newspaper! For years we have enjoyed the morning paper over coffee and bagels, but for as many years people have used newspaper to wrap breakable items when moving. If you have a ton of newspaper that you’ve never figured out what to do with, it is a biodegradable option for wrapping your precious belongings. Some of us tend to throw the paper directly into the recycling anyways, so why not make use of it? If you don’t have access to dozens of newspapers, you might want to consider looking into other options. The packing peanut people have caught on to the fact that “going green” has become important to the world—they now offer green packing peanuts that are recyclable and non environmentally hazardous. Because Styrofoam is not biodegradable, green packing peanuts are a much preferred, environmentally conscious alternative.

Think out of the box

If you are also concerned about having enough space for all of your belongings, you may want to consider utilizing things you already have around the house to wrap your items. For instance, because you are going to have to pack all of your bedding, towels, and clothing anyway, you may consider simply wrapping fragile items in those instead of purchasing more items to be processed through a recycling plant. Clothing and bedding can be even better than packing peanuts or newspaper anyway because it is one less thing to dispose of after all is said and done. This is not only an environmentally sound alternative, but it will save you time and money in the long run. Sometimes we simply have to think out of the box; pun intended.

Cardboard Boxes

Hire a good and sensible moving company

Moving trucks can be tough on the environment; they use a lot of fuel, and their exhaust is harmful to the ozone layer. This is worrisome for those who are concerned about the environment, because what happens when you have no alternative but to hire a moving company? It has become common for moving companies to use more environmentally friendly fuel, such as biodiesel. When you look into hiring a moving company, this may be something for you to consider before enlisting their help, especially if you are moving a far distance by truck. If this is simply not an option in your area, the best thing to do is to get rid of as much junk as possible before making the journey. The more your overall load weighs, the more you’ll pay, the more gas you will use in the process, therefore the more you contribute to polluting the environment. Cutting down on our carbon footprint does not mean completely eliminating it; we do the very best we can with the options available sometimes. So, when you have no choice but to move by truck, just focus on reducing the amount of pollution you are adding. In fact, you will be happy you lightened the load on yourself, and on the environment.

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