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How to Move Valuable Antiques Without Destroying Them

How to Move Valuable Antiques Without Destroying Them

The moving of art and valuable antiques and heirlooms is a delicate job that needs to be handled with care. It can sometimes be a more complex task than is first thought. Many artworks and antiques are one of a kind and fragile, and therefore, taking any type of risk with their transportation simply isn’t worth taking. In this article, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for transporting these valuable items correctly to minimize the risk of damage.

Artwork (Including Framed Pieces and Mirrors)

Source some large, heavy-duty boxes specifically designed for pictures that comfortably fit the piece in question. If you have the original boxes, then these are a great choice. Telescope boxes are a good option too. If your artwork is particularly large, then you’ll need to purchase a crate to transport it safely.

Artwork with glass should be wrapped in glassine instead of plastic wrap, as it is more durable and resistant to damaging factors such as water and grease. Your next layer of protection should be bubble wrap. You should use several layers and then give it extra insurance with packing tape. Pieces with corners need to be protected from scratches and nicks. Therefore, you should invest in corner protectors.

For particularly valuable or irreplaceable pieces, extra protection can be given with a padded moving blanket.

In regards to packing your items into the moving van, you should store them standing up and back to back, as this will mean the hardware on the back of the artwork will not damage other pieces. When placing your work in the truck, position it in a way to ensure it won’t be squashed or damaged by your other possessions.

Antiques and Sentimental Objects

When moving, particularly with the aid of professional movers, you should always take an inventory of all your goods, but definitely those which are valuable or irreplaceables such as antiques and heirlooms. Take photos, including those of existing damage or markings, so you know if any additional damage has taken place, and have proof against an excuse of “it was already like that.”

Check if your antiques are covered by your home insurance. If not, it may be advisable to purchase some additional insurance to provide you with extra coverage.

Next, you should gather the supplies you need to safely package your valuable items for transport. Keeping all your supplies together will help make the process run more smoothly. You’ll like need more supplies than you think, so consider investing in several rolls of bubble wrap and packing tape as well as boxes, moving blankets, crates, and a tool kit.

If you’re moving heavy antiques such as furniture without the aid of professional movers, then it’s definitely time to call in those favors from friends and family. Never try to move large pieces by yourself. You will not only increase the risk of damaging the item, but also the risk of hurting yourself.

Where possible disassemble the item, remove the legs of pieces if possible, as it will make the item easier to transport.

In terms of packaging the item in question, be generous with bubble wrap and tape, and apply packing blankets where needed for an added layer of protection. Consider placing your wrapped items into crates. If you cannot afford or can’t find the correct crates for your item, then a cardboard box will work instead for extra care. Crates are boxes help to absorb the shocks from bumpy roads. They will also provide some protection from damage, should other objects fall on them.

When you are unloading your item, like with moving it in the first place, make sure you have friendly or family to help you. After all, you don’t want to go to all that effort to get the item there in one piece only to fall at the final hurdle.

Professional Movers

For true peace of mind, you may wish to Antique Furniture Move entrust your valuables to a professional moving company. Choose Watford Moving & Storage of Santa Clarita and other Los Angeles County areas. We are professionals who specialize in the removal and transportation of antiques and artwork. We will ensure your pieces are treated with the care that they deserve. We can help your move go smoothly and ensure your items arrive safely.