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Items You Should Keep Ready For Your Move

Items You Should Keep Ready For Your Move

Of course we all know that organization, preparation, and planning can greatly improve a moving transition. Unfortunately, sometimes, being organized can bite us back. If you’ve ever moved before, then you know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find an item you desperately need. Of course, staying organized helps—especially if you clearly label all of your boxes. However, it can be extremely helpful and even more efficient to plan what you DON’T want packed away before a move. Here is a list of a few of the most essential items that movers frequently claim they needed during the transition of a move.

Toiletries and a few clothing necessities

If you’ve ever traveled before, then you know how important it is to keep your bathroom toiletries handy. If you’ve ever traveled before and lost your luggage, then that’s a whole other story. Being without toiletries and basic clothing necessities can be more than a hassle, but an all-out burden. It helps to keep a few pairs of socks, undergarments, a pair of sneakers, pants and a t-shirt at the very least in a bag with your toiletries. Just having one change of clothes can make a huge difference in a time of desperation or displacement—especially if you have kids! Having a school outfit picked out or lunches packed for the next day after a move can help lessen the load of stress.

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First-aid kits and prescriptions

Other basic essentials include a first-aid kit and all of your daily prescriptions or vitamins. Keeping this in a suitcase with your toiletries and clothing is the best, most efficient way to go. If you’ve ever cut yourself without a band-aid, it can cause a real mess and can be dangerous. Again, if you have children, a first-aid kit is essential. Portioning out and clearly labeling vitamins and medications for a few days ahead of time can make traveling with medications even easier.

Plastic and paper dinnerware

If you’ve ever moved before, the last thing we usually want to do is cook and clean for the first day or two—in fact, it’s likely that the kitchen is in no shape for cooking. Pizza and take-out are popular choices for new movers, and you’ll also need plenty of plastic and paper dinnerware, because doing dishes after moving isn’t fun at all. And don’t forget the trash bags! This can all be kept in one box that is clearly labeled, and can even travel with you in your own car for convenience.

Important files or documents

Packed with your toiletries, clothing, and medications, First Aid Kit you should also clearly protect and label important documents. To keep from moisture or spills, you can put files or important papers in an envelope and plastic bag. If you by chance need a social security card or birth certificate, it’s tough to find those things if your in a new location with everything in boxes. Cut your losses and keep those with the other immediately important stuff during a move.

A laptop, tablet, or accessible electronic device

Chances are you may need to do a little work or have a mode of entertainment while your tv is being bolted to the wall or hooked up to the internet. A laptop or tablet can come in really handy for those nights without any entertainment or way of doing your work. Make sure to pack the charger, and head out to the corner coffee shop to meet the new locals!

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