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Knowledge You Must Have Before You Deal with a Mover

Knowledge You Must Have Before You Deal with a Mover

Imagining yourself moving all of your furniture and belongings accumulated over decades of residence can feel overwhelming and stressful. If you are considering hiring professional movers, there is a lot to consider first. Finding the right moving company involves knowing something about the moving process, typical obstacles, and a general knowledge of the way the business works. While moving companies can be a great help to you during such a stressful time, there are things you should be aware of before you decide to deal with a mover. Taking precautions and performing some research before hiring a mover is an important step to ensuring that your move goes smoothly and without complications. Here are some things to consider before you choose a moving company and what you should look for:

The Estimate Process

Various moving companies go about the estimate process differently. Many movers tend to rush through a walk-through in which they determine the estimated costs for the move including the length of time it will take from start to finish. Unfortunately, these estimates are usually not guaranteed and if they are, they can swindle you into binding contracts without the proper information provided. When a company representative comes to your home to provide an estimate, there is a lot they need to consider including the logistics of the move, the amount of items you’ll be transporting, and the amount of time it will take to do so. If the in-home estimate takes five minutes, you might be in trouble. An accurate, thorough estimate takes a bit of time to conduct, and you shouldn’t settle for a moving company that rushes through things—that doesn’t say anything good about how they’ll handle your moving day.

Adequate References That Check Out

One of the most critical components of researching moving companies in your area is to have each company provide you with real, valid reference sources. This is a typical request that clients tend to ask of movers, and if they refuse or cannot provide a list of previous clients willing to vouch for them or show proof of their credentials, you may want to reconsider your options. Companies who are not already prepared to share references with you is a red flag—if they don’t have any clients willing to validate the quality of their work, that’s a problem. In order to find a reliable, trustworthy moving company, you should ask for a list of their references and also look into what other clients are saying about their services online. Hearing about successes and disasters of previous clients can help narrow your search quite a bit.

Ask About Packing Charges

Sometimes packing your own belongings just simply isn’t an option. For those with disabilities or just too much on their plate, having a moving company do all of your packing might be your best bet. Unfortunately this usually comes at a huge cost. Furthermore, when you pack your own belongings there is a higher level of reassurance that your belongings will be packed safely and with care. When you leave this task up to a stranger, they do not have the same connection with your belongings, and things may be haphazardly packed—opening up the possibility for disaster. If you must have the moving company pack your belongings, be sure to compare pricing options and try to oversee the packing process to the best of your ability.

Insurance Options

Moving companies offer insurance options to ensure the safety of belongings and make right any wrongs that could potentially occur during the process of the move. Sometimes these insurance options are highly limited, other times they are pretty inclusive. Make sure you speak with prospective moving companies about the best insurance policies for your needs and the costs associated.

Watford Moving & Storage

The professionals at Watford Moving & Storage have been Packing Household Things serving the residents of Santa Clarita and the surrounding Los Angeles County areas for over two decades. We have moving down to a science, and we uphold the basic standards of integrity, honesty, and reliability that all moving companies should embody. We know that sometimes moving isn’t a choice, but a circumstance; it’s important to us that every client and their belongings are treated with respect. We offer affordable moving prices, inclusive insurance options, and plenty of references that will vouch for the quality of service we provide. For more information about how we can help you through your moving process, check out our website or contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate.

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