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Moving Tips: Moving and Storage Go Hand-in-Hand

Moving Tips: Moving and Storage Go Hand-in-Hand

Moving is a huge undertaking; it requires a lot of pre-planning and research beforehand in order to make sure the move goes well. Movers who do not plan end up suffering in the end, so it is in your best interest to look into all of your options ahead of time, and never wait till the last minute to figure out a plan. A lot of movers don’t realize that moving and storage go hand-in-hand; renting a self-storage unit for a period of time is one way to help relieve some stress during a move, and is an efficient way to hold belongings that you are unsure what to do with. There are wide ranges of options when it comes to storage units, but what you end up deciding upon will rest heavily on what your specific needs are during the time of the move. By renting a storage unit, you may be saving yourself time and money in the long run. Sometimes moving dates aren’t always convenient for everyone—they often don’t coincide with rental agreements and wind up creating issues for movers. By renting a storage unit, you can have someplace to keep your items instead of spending another month’s rent. How you go about renting a unit is determined by necessity.

Make a list of all your items

When you decide to go for a storage unit, you will first need to make a list of all the items you want to store in there. Usually it helps to think of all the bigger items first, and then the smaller ones later because smaller items can be kept in other places if at all necessary. Storage units charge based on size and the amount of time the unit is being rented for—usually monthly fees apply. The best way to keep costs down is to spend only the minimum amount of time occupying the space, and of course, rent only the space that you absolutely need—don’t pay more for a larger unit if you don’t need to. Units can be especially helpful if you are moving to an area far away, such as another state or region. It is likely that you will need a larger storage unit for longer-distance moves, generally because it takes a little more time for things to settle after such big moves.

Analyze your storage units

Sometimes storage units have the option to be air-conditioned. In warmer temperatures, seasons, and climates this may not be a bad idea—particularly if you have items that will be easily damaged by hot temperatures. Just as you would be concerned with movers handling your belongings, you should be concerned with storage facilities housing your belongings. Theft and burglary are not uncommon in unprotected units; make sure you do research and find the most secure unit possible—it must always be adequately locked and monitored, but there should also be some kind of front gate with security to further ensure the safety of your belongings.

Proper organization is vital

Another issue to consider when you rent a storage unit Moving is the organization and planning that you put into it. Haphazardly throwing items into a storage unit to safe an hour or two will ultimately cause you way more stress and anxiety in the end; when you really need to get to an item in the way back of the unit, it can be a complete pain to get to. Renting larger units is not always the solution to this problem, but instead, structuring the layout of your belongings like a game of well-organized Tetris is more like it. Think carefully of what belongings you may need to access before you decide to make a mish-mosh out of your storage unit. Keeping clear pathways all around your belongings is not a bad idea, but make sure not to waste too much space by doing so—it will wind up costing you more money for larger units.


Looking for a good unit can be tough, but make sure to exhaust all of your resources before you panic. Make a list of questions for the storage facility employees so that you don’t leave there with more confusion than answers. Make sure you look at reviews in the area, and don’t forget to get the opinions of others in your community. The value of storage during a move is great; you may end up saving yourself a huge hassle in the end.