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Narrowing Down Your Choices When Choosing Antique Movers

Narrowing Down Your Choices When Choosing Antique Movers

Moving is a difficult process that not many people enjoy. Having to organize and pack away all of your belongings, knowing you’ll have to do it all over again in the near future, can be exhausting. It can become even more burdensome if you happen to be an antique collector or have furniture or artwork that has been passed down through generations of your family.

There are many moving companies that are well-prepared to help you in moving your antiques between locations. So how do you know which one to choose? A few major things to consider when choosing an antique mover company include:

  • The size and material composition of your antique
  • Equipment needed to move your antique safely
  • Location to which antiques are being moved

While it is entirely possible to move your antiques on your own, you may want to hire the help of professional movers, especially if you have more than one piece of furniture or an antique that is large in size. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down your choices of antique movers.

Assessing Your Moving Needs

Take inventory of your antiques. Do you have one or several? Are they small or relatively large? What type of material are they composed of? Another critical piece of information that will help your decision-making process is whether your antiques are furniture or if they are art pieces, mirrors, or other small decorative items. This will further inform you of their potential sensitivity in the moving process. Professional antique movers will, of course, do this for you. However, assessing your circumstances for yourself first will save you time. You don’t want to have to call every antique moving company in town for such a small initial step.

Size of Your Antique(s)

Large antiques will require a lot more attention and patience when moving. Many large antique items, such as pianos and wardrobes, require experience and skill to move safely. Before hiring antique movers, consider their history. Have they moved antiques before? If so, what types of antiques?

If they have never moved antiques such as your own, you may not want to go with that company. On the other hand, if that company has a long history of moving antiques and consistently positive customer reviews, it may do you well to consider hiring them, but with a few more questions about their practice.

Necessary Equipment for Safe Moving

Once you have looked into the history of the antique mover, the next step is to either ask them directly or study customer reviews about what types of padding and other equipment they use to move the material. Are they going to use padded blankets or packing peanuts? Are they prepared to use dollies for heavier objects? Ask about whether they would need to take certain pieces apart for safe removal and if these pieces would be wrapped and transported separately. These questions are critical for your risk assessment and help you to prepare for any potential travel mishaps, such as one moving truck being delayed during the move.

Location to Which Antiques Are Being Moved

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the distance between locations. Be clear with potential companies about whether you’re moving close by, across the country, or even overseas. This directly impacts the type of transport your antiques will be subjected to and may introduce weaknesses of potential companies. Again, this is an area where you will surely want to look into customer reviews. Find those who have had similar moving experiences to the one you have planned and then decide whether you want the same or something different.

Antique Moving Specialists at Watford Moving

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