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Excellent Packing Tips For Hassle-Free Move in Santa Clarita

Girls with Watford Moving boxesWhether you’re moving down the street or moving across the country, packing is one of the most important aspects of any successful move. You need to ensure all of your belongings are kept safe and secure throughout the relocation so that you can get settled into your new home efficiently and stress-free. With 20 years of experience, Watford Moving & Storage has an impressive array of packing supplies that are sure to protect household goods of any size. From furniture and power tools to fine china and clothing, we offer several sizes of moving boxes that will comfortably fit any items you need to pack during your move. We also offer wheeled dollies for easier relocation of heavier objects.

While moving your belongings, we want to ensure that both your old and new homes are protected as well. To help with that, Watford Moving & Storage has special padding for floors and stairs, as well as door jambs. This padding allows for relocation of your belongings to go smoothly and eliminates the risk of damaging your home’s furnishings too.

Packing Like a Mover

Our decades of experience in packing and moving has helped us understand the dos and dont’s of moving that everyone should know. If you’re looking for some helpful information on how to better organize for your move, please follow these helpful packing tips:

  • Labels – Use a pen or marker to write a list of the items in each box on either a white label or on the box itself. Include which rooms they belong in to make relocation easier for movers. Be sure to write largely so that the labels can be read from a distance.
  • Most Important Goes Last – Think about which items you’ll want the most on the day you move in. Chances are, you might not want to start unpacking everything immediately upon arrival. With that in mind, have a few easy-to-reach boxes available that contain things like toiletries, clothing and food so that you can have everything you need to get through the next day comfortably before unpacking everything else.
  • Weight – Along with keeping like items together, be sure to layer everything by weight within a box; start with the heaviest items on the bottom and end the stack on top with the lightest items in the group.
  • Room by Room – Pack every item you find in one room before starting in any other rooms. This will help you to stay organized and focused on one task at a time while moving, and will allow you to be certain that everything has been addressed and accounted for.

Professional LA Movers

If you need help packing up just one room or your entire house, Watford Moving & Storage has all of the knowledge and resources you need to pack your home like a professional. To request a free moving quote and to speak with our staff, please fill out our online form for a free quote or call us today at 866-684-7336.