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Storage Units and Facilities in Saugus, CA

One of the original parts of Santa Clarita, the city of Saugus is full of history from the buildings and homes to the restaurants throughout the city. There are constantly new residents moving into the city and current residents moving either to downsize their homes or moving into larger homes for a more comfortable fit for growing families. No matter how long you have been in the city, if you are looking for storage units in Saugus, the experts at Watford Moving & Storage are here to help.

Leaders in Saugus storage, we have provided safe and reliable storage options for residents of all needs for the last 20 years. With long-term and short-term storage available, no matter what you may need, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best storage units Saugus has to offer.

From helping you pack your belongings to taking care of storing your items ourselves, the trained professionals at Watford Moving & Storage have perfected the storing process. With our system in place, we make sure to maximize the space for your things in our warehouse storage facility while leaving your things easily accessible for quick retrieval when you decide it is time to take them out. For added safety for your valuable possessions, we also shrink wrap your things and place additional furniture pads down as well.

Other storage units in Saugus often overcharge for a small, oddly shaped unit in a cluttered facility that is tough to navigate, making the process a frustrating one. When dealing with a move, it is a stressful time and dealing with stubborn storage facilities can make it even more difficult, which is why so many residents looking for storage in Saugus choose Watford Moving & Storage.

Experts in storage for Saugus residents, Watford Moving & Storage are here to make sure that whatever your storage needs may be, we have the proper solution and can get the job done faster than any other storage units in all of Saugus. Call us today and speak with one of our experts regarding a free estimate or additional services that we provide. We also offer Saugus moving services here.

Saugus Storage Units

Rather than settle for the other storage places throughout Saugus, instead choose the experts that residents have preferred for years. For the last 20 years Watford Moving & Storage has helped residents with all of their storage needs and concerns with a higher attention to detail and more personal touch. Instead of overcharging for limited space and minimal assistance, the experts at Watford Moving & Storage assist you throughout the entire storage process. From helping you pack your belongings to storing them for you in our large warehouse storage facility. This way, your valuable possessions are as safe and secure as possible while our unique storage system ensures that they stay easily accessible for when you would like us to retrieve them for you.

The popular choice for storage in Saugus, CA, 80% of our clients are either referral customers or returning customers choosing our assistance again. Our friendly and experienced staff is a far cry from the other more impersonal big-name storage places in Saugus and residents have shown time and time again that they prefer our unique approach.

Equipped for both long-term and short-term needs, Watford Moving & Storage is one of the most versatile storage places in Saugus, with our experts taking additional measures and precautions in the name of your valuables’ safety.

Helping us to stand out as the top Golden State storage facility for Saugus, we offer all clients a free estimate to find the right option for them as well as same-day services and free disassembly and reassembly of any and all furniture. Our experts understand that everyone’s needs are different and whether you need a storage unit to simply put older, unwanted things or you are moving and need a safe place to keep your valuables, we are confident that we can help you find the right solution.

Call Watford Moving & Storage today to speak with one of our experts about finding an affordable fit for any of your storage needs and see why we have remained one of the go-to storage places in all of Saugus for the last 20 years.

Saugus Self-Storage

Changing what the phrase self-storage can mean for residents in Saugus, CA, the experts at Watford Moving & Storage have made it easier than ever to find quality storage facilities. Residents throughout Saugus have a wide variety of preferences and needs and Watford Moving & Storage works to make sure that there is an affordable solution no matter what.

Rather than follow the same average approach that other self-storage places in Saugus use, the friendly staff at Watford Moving & Storage help you each step of the way, redefining the storage experience for Saugus residents. We will do everything from helping you pack your belongings to loading them into our warehouse storage facility for you. This way there is as low a risk as possible for any damages to your possessions while our unique storage system helps make sure that your things stay easily accessible for when you need them to be taken out.

Our approach has made us the leaders in storage for Saugus, CA for the last 20 years and with 80% of our clients being referrals or returning customers, it is clear that residents prefer our personal approach to storage.

Offering both long-term and short-term storage rental to Saugus residents, Watford Moving & Storage understands that everyone has a unique set of needs and whether you are downsizing and need a safe place to keep things or you are moving and need to clear space for the time being, our experts will work with you to find an affordable solution that will save you time and effort.

Also helping us stand out from other storage in Saugus are services we offer that others may not, such as free estimates, same-day service, assembly and disassembly of furniture and specialty item moving services as well.

Watford Moving & Storage has consistently changed what storage rental in Saugus can be and we have been the residents’ choice for the last 20 years. If you are looking for storage in Saugus, CA, call Watford Moving & Storage today to speak with one of our experts and get a free estimate.

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