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Professional Motorcycle Movers in LA

Need help shipping a motorcycle to or from Santa Clarita, Valencia, Castaic or the greater Los Angeles area? With over 20 years of experience in moving specialty items, Watford Moving & Storage understands that your motorcycle has special requirements and must be treated with keen attention to detail. We meet those requirements through our tried-and-true methods of moving and storage that have been specifically designed for relocating motorcycles, whether it be locally or across the country. If you’re moving to or from Santa Clarita, we’re on call to help get your motorcycle to its new home safely.

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Motorcycle Shipping Experts

Motorcycles, like any other kind of vehicle, need to be treated carefully while moving to ensure they are kept in their best condition. The movers at Watford Moving & Storage take careful consideration during the moving process by using equipment that is built to hold and protect heavy motorcycles. In addition, we use specialized moving methods to transport your motorcycle into our moving trailer. We take extra precautions to avoid any possible damage to both your vehicle and the space it’s in. Once inside of our trailers, our movers also use custom padding and holders to securely tie down your motorcycle as it travels with us. If you need a place to keep your motorcycle as you move, consider using the services offered in our professional storage facilities.

Before moving day, Watford Moving & Storage asks that you take into consideration a few important details to further ensure your motorcycle is moved safely:

  • Be sure the unplug the motorcycle’s battery the day of the move.
  • To avoid any hazardous spills, it’s a good idea to drain the gasoline from your motorcycle.
  • Be sure you are familiar with state laws for transporting motorcycles, both for your home state and the state you’re moving to.


Free Motorcycle Shipping Quotes

If your motorcycle needs special attention while you move, Watford Moving & Storage is ready to handle it right. To receive a free estimate and to speak with one of our movers, fill out our form for a free quote  or give us a call at 866-684-7336.