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Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Antique Relocation

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Antique Relocation

The stressful process of moving can make you wish you decided to stay in that one-bedroom apartment all those years ago. There are many unforeseen issues that can arise during a move—especially if you’re not adequately prepared or have the appropriate help. Things can be made even more complicated if you have valuable family heirlooms or expensive pieces of furniture.

Antiques are one of the most-feared aspects of a move to tackle, aside from pianos. They require more thought and preparation before a move than other pieces of furniture or belongings do, and the potential for damage is much higher. In order to properly, and successfully, move an antique piece of furniture, for instance, it’s critical to prepare in advance for the move by contacting several professionals about the value and current state of the piece. Here are a few more things to keep in mind while attempting antique relocation:

1. Important steps for preparation

One critical part of the moving process for antiques is to make sure that the pieces are adequately protected before, during, and after transit. Make sure to use the proper packing methods and materials, such as cartons and cushioning wraps, that will secure the piece and keep it protected from damage. Just as it’s important to be careful while moving the object, it’s just as important to be careful while wrapping it; be mindful of tapes and adhesives when securing the packaging.

2. Find the right moving company

Not all moving companies have adequate experience in relocating antiques. It’s a precarious business, and not everyone has the stomach for it. When deciding on the right moving company to help you relocate, make sure to ask about their background in antique relocation. You might need to ask for references, proof of certifications and licenses, and their insurance information to feel more secure about your choice. Of course, you don’t have to worry about any of this, when you choose Watford moving. We take care all your valuable antiques and our team has many years of experience.

3. Have the pieces assessed or inspected

Antique possessions are usually highly valuable. It’s critical to have the piece inspected before and after the move by a qualified professional who specializes in the type of antique you’re moving. It’s best to have an idea of what the item is valued at so that you can have it re-assessed after a move if necessary (i.e. if you believe that the item underwent damage during the move). If nothing else, having the item assessed might deliver shocking or pleasing answers, but without a trustworthy moving company moving the item, the value could be rendered obsolete after a botched moving job.

4. Purchase specific insurance for the piece

Based on the inspection before the move, you can determine what the insurance value should be for the item. It’s best to have this assessment performed before you collaborate with a moving company; however, many moving companies have limits to the insurance they provide for such items. The available insurance options for specific antique items through the moving company should seem reasonable to you, and if it doesn’t, keep looking.

5. Smaller family heirlooms and antique pieces

If you have larger antique pieces, such as furniture items, then there may be no way around hiring a professional moving company. However, smaller antique items, such as jewelry or other boxable items can be kept with you during the move to ensure their safety. You might consider allotting space in your own vehicle for transporting such items; although, if this isn’t a simple task, be sure to speak with your moving company about the possible insurance options they provide for such items. Smaller pieces can still become damaged during a move by rattling around in boxes, so be sure to look back at step 1 when packing these items.

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The professional movers at Watford Moving & Storage have been helping families and businesses in the areas of Santa Clarita and the greater Los Angeles County for over two decades. Our antique movers has extensive experience relocating antique items for our clients, and we offer different insurance options that can help you feel more at ease about the transportation of your own antiques. If you have an old family heirloom or antique piece that needs to be moved, contact us for more information about our services including insurance and past experience with such moves. It’s our job to help you feel more confident about your move, however possible.