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Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Moving Your Gun Safe in Santa Clarita

Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Moving Your Gun Safe in Santa Clarita

You have to find reliable friends who can help you with the heavy lifting along with a dependable moving company for your necessary supplies. From bubble wrapping your plates to figuring out what’s coming or going, the process is overwhelming.

However, there’s another aspect of moving that only a certain population of individuals think about: relocating a gun safe. While you may assume this activity is simple, you may be surprised to learn that it can be quite difficult. Think about it this way: your safe is probably one of the heaviest items in your home. Although you have strong friends or people helping you, you still need to understand the most effective ways to relocate this item without causing injury. In addition, relocating a gun comes with its own security threat. You have to make sure it is safe and secure throughout the moving process so as not to cause harm.

If you’re going through the moving process with a gun safe, let’s consider these helpful tips and tricks to make this task easier. By the end, you’ll have the tools needed to handle this task with care.

Relocate Heavy Items

The sole purpose of having a safe is to keep your prized possessions protected from others. Normally, one would never willingly take items out of a safe when you know potential strangers may be in and out of your home. However, you need to make your safe as light as possible for the upcoming move, this includes ammunition and quite possibly the gun itself. Should you have ammo hidden in your safe, store it in another safe place and label it. This will make those helping with the move aware of its contents. The same should be done for your gun. Store them in separate areas.

Think About Where You Are Positioning the Safe

Your safe should be one of the first things you place in your truck or car. Here’s why: Since this item is probably one of the heaviest of the day, it is best to use all your strength to remove it early. This way, you don’t have to worry about it throughout the duration of your move. It is also protected in the front of the moving vehicle with your other items blocking access to it.

Make Way for the Safe Using a Ramp or Dolly

Some moving companies provide useful ramps or dollies to help relocate heavy items. This is one of those times where tools like this come in handy. Place the safe on one of these surfaces and slowly push it into your new home. If your new place only has stairs, it is time for all hands on deck. Gather three additional heavy-lifters and grab the safe from each side. Using all your strength, slowly but efficiently walk it up the stairs. This may be difficult but, once you’ve gotten it out of the way, you will be grateful.

This same method is also helpful for loading the safe into your truck, initially. Often times, truck straps are best used to make this effective and easy. It’s best to have someone leading this mission who can alert for possible obstacles along the way.

Cover the Edges

Should your hallways be tight or walls make cornering tough, it is best to cover your safe with a cloth or another protective material to avoid scratches on your walls. In addition, this will also add some padding to make holding the safe easier on your hands and fingers.

Wear Closed Toed Shoes

If you’re enlisting the help of your friends, they may or may not be savvy about best moving practices. Let them know before they come over to help you lift and move to wear closed-toed shoes. This will help avoid any accidents, especially when moving large items like your gun safe. It will give them tread to avoid slips and also shield their feet from stubs and scapes in and out of your home.

How We Can Help

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