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Four Tips on Moving Out for the First Time

Empty moving boxIt’s your first time moving out and you have a lot on your mind. That’s understandable. Maybe you’ve never been away from home before. You can rest assured that there are many people who are in the same boat. It’s normal to be anxious during a first move. Several questions may cross your mind: How much do I need to save to be financially stable? Will I feel scared living in a house or apartment all by myself? Will I have extra time and money to do the things that I love?

Moving into a new place doesn’t have to be scary. There are steps that can be taken to help ease your anxiety. Here are four ways to make the transition positive and enjoyable.

Take gradual steps to moving out of your parent or guardian’s home

Regardless of how much money you have and how established you are in your career, it’s a big step to move away from the people you’re used to being around all the time. Moving doesn’t have to mean you won’t see those same people. If you previously lived with your parents or guardian, call and visit them as often as possible for the first few weeks after your move. You’re not used to living in complete solitude, so this is a normal phase and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You can also invite a few friends over every day to help ease the feeling of being on your own. In time, gradually wean off seeing them every week, and you’ll slowly become more comfortable with being independent.

Save more than enough money

Paying rent for your house or apartment is essential to living in a new place. Be sure you put extra money away before you move, not just for rent, but for other costs. You may have saved enough for the basic expenses, but there are always other obstacles that life might decide to throw at you. Keep in mind that your car could break down, your utilities might need occasional repairs and there’s always the possibility of developing an illness or injury. Make a checklist for your basic expenses and budget your money accordingly. Make sure you have a long-term job that you truly enjoy to ensure you have a steady income. If possible, spend a few months working there before you move out. You may discover that it’s not the right fit for you and change your mind. You want to be certain you have job security before investing in a new house or apartment.

Become accustomed to keeping your home organized before your big move

You may think that moving out will solve all your problems with tidiness and organization. Now you’ll have more space to work with and you can decorate it however you like. It’s best to start good cleaning habits before you move out, though. Also, be sure that you’re able to efficiently keep track of your personal schedule and budget. Figure out a system to keep your priorities in order like using a planner or an inspiration board. It will not only make the move easier, but you’ll also be accustomed to practicing these habits on a daily basis. An organized living condition makes for a smoother transition.

Hire a professional moving company

If you’re too stressed out, never rule out hiring a moving company. At Watford Moving & Storage, we provide you with the best moving solutions to fit your needs. We cover local and long distance moves around the Los Angeles area, whether it be commercial or residential. Fill out our free quote form or call us today at 888-928-4424 to find out how we can further assist you!

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