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Tips to Find the Best Storage Facility for Your Office Move

Tips to Find the Best Storage Facility for Your Office Move

Moving an office isn’t easy, especially if you’ve established your office space over many years, accumulating “stuff.” Often moving an office involves moving important paperwork that must be stored and protected for long periods of time, but must be available to access at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, office furniture might be replaced eventually, but in the meantime needs a place to stay until it can be sold or auctioned.

If you’re moving offices and aren’t quite sure what to do with some of the items, a storage facility might be the right option for you. Moving offices requires planning and organization in order to go smoothly, and ultimately the success of a business could be compromised if things aren’t well planned in advance. Along with temporarily, safely storing important items, storage facilities also allow you to take the time you need to get organized without worrying about perhaps some of the trivial parts of the move, like whether or not you want to keep or donate the decorative fake trees. Finding the right storage facility for you entails looking for certain qualities in the business. Here are some tips for finding the best storage facility (such as this Santa Clarita storage) for your office move.

Look at the company’s reputation and qualifications

Online reviews are helpful for evaluating the public’s response to a specific company, and they won’t always be glowing; however, the general consensus of previous customers should be a pleasant experience overall. Pay special attention to the facility’s qualifications in keeping customer’s items secure and safe in their storage units.

Evaluate their customer service by corresponding with their staff

Looking over prior customers’ experiences is one good way to get an idea of how the storage facility handles their clients; however, it doesn’t tell you everything about how they communicate and respond to their clients. Sometimes first-hand experience is the best way to learn if a particular storage facility will meet your needs in storage as well as communication. You can start with a simple phone call or email, and judge whether or not it seems like a good fit for you. They should be cooperative and attentive, answering any questions you have thoroughly and promptly.

Take a tour to inspect the level of cleanliness

Storage units are notorious for bug infestations, flooding, and rodent problems. However, many storage units take proper precautions for such issues, and keep their units exceptionally well maintained and clean. You can ask the storage facility staff to take you on a tour of the grounds and look at a few units—pay close attention to the level of cleanliness and any evidence of water damage, bugs, or pests. You should also ask the staff what precautions they take to prevent these things from becoming an issue for tenants.

Make sure their security is up to par

You’ll want your office items to stay out of harms way from environmental conditions like pests and water, but it’s also important to find out how the storage facility maintains their level of security to prevent theft and burglary. All the units should come standard with a sturdy lock and key set. Most of the time, storage facilities employ their own security staff to monitor the grounds. Furthermore, the storage facility should have plenty of security cameras all over the area and be gated to keep non-renters out. Many office items have confidential or sensitive information in them—it’s important that it’s kept safe during its stay at the storage facility of your choice.

How we can help you store your office belongings

At Watford Moving Santa Clarita, we Office Items in Storage Space provide storage options for many office buildings all over the Los Angeles County areas during moves and transitions like renovations. Moving offices poses unique challenges, such as safeguarding other people’s sensitive information and storing expensive decorative items like paintings and furniture. Watford Moving & Storage takes security seriously, and wants their clients to rest assured that their items will remain safe and unharmed. If you are considering storing your office items temporarily in a storage unit, call our friendly staff here at Watford Moving & Storage to help you with the move as well as any storage needs you have.