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Tips to Make Your Office Move Infinitely Easier

Tips to Make Your Office Move Infinitely Easier

Moving a household comes with the need to plan logistics of the moving day and prepare for any challenges that may arise along the way. Moving under any context can be stressful and difficult, but it’s often far more stressful when there isn’t a well-laid plan made in advance – this is especially true of office moves.

When a business or company’s office is moving, there is an entirely different set of concerns than when moving a household. In this article, we’ll go over some helpful tips for your office move that can make the transition much easier and the overall moving experience far more pleasant.

Make a Plan Well Ahead of Your Move

As with any relocation or moving process, planning in advance is essential. Of course, there are many different considerations that will inevitably be overlooked accidentally; however, the good news is that the more you’ve planned the easier it’ll be to do some mild damage control should the situation arise. Here are a few helpful tips we’ve boiled down for you to make your office move preparation a little simpler:

Alerting Employees and Clientele

Depending on how large the company is or the type of service you provide, it’s important to determine how the move will affect your employees and clientele, or what it may require of them. You might consider providing your clients with extra resources should your services be temporarily unavailable. You may also provide a list of resources for your employees, including crucial dates surrounding what their obligations and duties are regarding the move, such as important deadlines and where they can find packing materials; this will allow them to make a smoother transition to a new location.

Hiring a Qualified, Reputable Moving Company

Moving an office generally requires moving plenty of furniture, computer hardware, and critical documents – none of which you can afford to lose. This warrants hiring a well-renown moving company in your area with a stellar reputation and plenty of office moving experience. You’ll want to hire your moving company at least 6 months before your move to secure the moving date, to avoid unexpected costs, and to help plan your budget for the move.

Make Arrangements for Transferring Hardware, Software and Other Technical Elements

These days hard copy files are becoming less relevant, making computer hardware and software essential for office use. Getting your IT staff on-board with your move beforehand is critical to ensure that vital office records and files are kept safe during the transition. Delegating this task alone can help relieve much of the stress associated with an office move.

Prepare for Potential Snags

As we mentioned before, it is inevitable that something unexpected will come up during the moving process, so think ahead of time about what could potentially go wrong and plan accordingly. You might want to have some emergency storage available just in case, or block out a few extra days in your moving schedule to allow for some wiggle room.

Take Measurements and Order New Materials, Furniture, or Equipment Accordingly

Moving to a new location might present some new challenges surrounding spatial planning and office layout. It’s best to arrive at the new location in advance and take plenty of measurements so you can ensure that your staff transitions comfortably and that they have everything they need to provide services to your clientele once settled.

Clean the New Property Ahead of Time

Many office spaces are kept clean and well-maintained; however, this isn’t always the case, so before assuming you’ll arrive to a clean, new office space, you should assume that you’ll need to hire a professional cleaning company. A deep clean is usually recommended so that you don’t have to worry about moving boxes or furniture once you arrive.

Determine Who to Notify About Address Changes

Along with employees, you’ll need to let your clientele know about your address change. You might want to contact online GPS services, postal services, and other agencies that your business will be moving on a set date.

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