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Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Interstate Move

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Interstate Move

Whether you’re being forced to move because of a change in employment, family needs, and other circumstances, or it was simply time for a change, moving is a hassle for everyone who attempts it. Furthermore, if you’re moving out of state, it can be quite the project; moving out of state requires careful planning and consideration in order to be done smoothly, and it’s almost never without a few hiccups. However, there are things you can do that will help you better prepare for the big day.

Moving out-of-state is a lot easier with the help of a professional moving company, as they might know more about the regulations of moving certain items out of your state, such as outdoor furniture that must be inspected for bugs and cleaned before traveling out of the area. Little things like that can sneak up on movers, leaving them having to deal with a crisis situation in the middle of their move. This article will focus on how you can make your out-of-state move more efficient and simple, reducing the size of the headache it will inevitably create.

Choose the Right Time

You might be thinking, “there’s never a right time to move!” and you would be wrong; the moving industry has its own predictably busier times of years, months, and days that make scheduling your move an important step beforehand. Usually the middle of the month, rather than the beginning or end, include cheaper dates to move, as a flood of individuals move based on rent payments due at the beginning or end of a month. Furthermore, weekends are obviously the busiest moving days, and rush hour is a headache we all want to avoid. It might not be easy to work in a move in the middle of your year, month, day, or week, but it will be worth the money you save.

Save Up Some Cash

Putting away cash is a good way to save money, as it allots a specific amount of money for your move alone. Planning a budget around moving is a critical step before your move, as it will help you get rid of superfluous items you don’t need to take with you and help you determine which factors are important to spend money on and which are not.

Do Your Research on Moving Companies

Not all moving companies charge the same way, and they certainly don’t have the same ideas of fair pricing. Therefore, another critical step in your moving process that will help you save loads in moving costs is conducting a fair amount of research on what moving companies you might consider hiring. Keep in mind that the lowest rates don’t always match up with the best moving practices or policies; make sure you weigh several factors alongside cost, including the business’s reputation, credibility, and accommodating attitude.

Find Free Packing Materials

Packing Things

If your moving company charges an arm and a leg for packing materials, you might consider getting them for free. Asking all your neighbors, family friends, relatives to donate boxes for the move, and collecting all of those unused boxes in your garage, can significantly cut down on the cost of packing materials. Furthermore, you can use blankets, sheets, towels, and clothing to secure items inside boxes in an effort to forego bubble wrap and packing peanuts—think of it this way: you’ll have to pack those items anyway!

Move What You Can Yourself

Not all interstate moves are possible to travel by car, but it might be more cost effective to move what you can yourself when you drive to the new location. Since many moving companies charge based on the weight of your total items, adding pounds to your personal car relinquishes some of the cost of the weight the moving company would charge you if they moved it for you. Moving books, clothing, or especially delicate and important keepsakes yourself can prevent unnecessary expenses.

We hope these free tips on reducing interstate moving costs has helped you out a lot.

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