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Tips to Simplify Your Long Distance Move

Tips to Simplify Your Long Distance Move

Moving is an often hectic undertaking that usually doesn’t occur very often, which is why the complicated process tends to throw many of us for a loop. This process can become especially complex when moving long distance. Long distance moves pose a few unique challenges that are often unforeseen by movers. For instance, you may not be familiar with the area you’re moving to, you may not be adjusted to the time zone, climate, or culture, and you may need to find reliable work once you get there. All of these factors and more can make a long distance move a hassle. In this article, we’ll go over a few specific tips to help you simplify your long distance move.

Consolidate Your Belongings

Before you start anything, it’s most important to narrow down what you’ll actually be bringing with you when all is said and done. It’s useless to begin packing things that you aren’t sure you want, have outgrown, or may eventually give up anyway once you arrive at the new location. Furthermore, you’re paying for every pound you bring with you, so downsizing is a critical first step. Here’s what you can start with:

  • Donate and give away items that are no longer in use
  • Sell larger items that take up space

By donating and giving away items you haven’t used in a while, you make room for new things once you arrive at the new location, but you also cut back on your moving costs. Speaking of costs, you can supplement some of the costs of moving by selling any larger pieces of furniture or specialty items that have retained some value.

How to pack for the best results

Packing is a critical aspect of long distance moves, as it’s important to be able to find your belongings quickly and efficiently. Here are a few packing tips to make the long distance move a little easier:

  • Clearly label everything
  • Document and make lists
  • Keep important items accessible
  • Pack soft items with breakable items
  • Utilize necessary packing materials

Keeping your packing organized and streamlined is the best way to be able to find what you need when you need it. Furthermore, keeping items safe and secure during a long distance transit can be challenging, but not impossible. Utilize packing materials that can keep breakables from being damaged; to save money you can even pack soft items like clothing and towels with your breakable items.

Make the most of your landing spot

The preparation required to ensure your belongings make it safely to the new location is important, but just as important is making sure everything is situated when you get there. Planning out and preparing for your long distance move should also involve a little reconnaissance and investigatory work so that you can feel comfortable once you get there—especially if you have little ones you’re bringing with you. Here are some tips to help get yourself situated at the new location:

  • Take care of any repairs or decorative concerns before you arrive
  • Plan out the physical logistics of the move ahead of time
  • Look around you and become familiar with the area
  • Keep the family occupied and excited
  • Keep appropriately downsizing as you unpack

A few other tips to make the transition easier

You’ll need all the help you can get for your long distance move, and preparing for the unexpected can be terribly difficult, so these few last minute tips can further ensure your move goes smoothly:

  • Save up some extra cash
  • Hire a professional moving company
  • Don’t forget to stay organized!

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