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Useful Tips to Move Your Motorcycle Safely

Useful Tips to Move Your Motorcycle Safely

Moving is a complicated process that involves a lot of tough decision-making. This process can be further complicated if you have a motorcycle that requires moving. If you are not familiar with moving a bike, you should look into the various ways that it can be done. Depending on how far the journey is, you may be able to drive the bike there in stages, saving you a bit of money in the long run. However, one of the best, most efficient, and least complex ways to go is to hire a moving company that is skilled and experienced in moving motorcycles and other vehicles safely. Some people also opt for moving their motorcycle themselves in a trailer; this is a viable option, although it is important that you are familiar with what safety precautions to take, particularly because your bike could become significantly damaged due to poor planning. Here are some useful tips to move your motorcycle as safely as possible.

Check options for motorcycle move

Firstly, you should look for all of the options in your area for motorcycle moves so that you can find the best fit for your specific situation. You should consider cost, the weight and size of the bike, and the condition that it currently is in. Particularly if you are moving out-of-state, you may need a more durable option that involves special parts or equipment designed to secure your motorcycle for long, potentially bumpy transits. Depending on the type of bike you have, the distance you will be driving, and the type of vehicle you will use to transport, you may be able to secure it to a rig or trailer hitch attachment designed for motorcycles and transport it yourself. However, if you are moving out-of-state, you may need a more durable option that involves special parts or equipment designed to secure your motorcycle for long, potentially bumpy transits.

Engaging a moving company comes handy

You may also want to consider hiring a shipping company to handle the transportation of your motorcycle. In searching for the right option for transferring your bike to another location, make sure not to cut corners. Hiring a company may be the best choice; even though you will have to spend money to transport the bike, it is important to prioritize the safety of the bike above all else. Before you hire a company to haul your bike, you must consider that moving businesses are in high demand, particularly at certain times of the year or month; it is important to research companies and find the best option for you as early on as possible—in fact, it should be one of the first things you do when you find out you are moving.

The motorcycle should be examined

Lastly, it is important that you keep detailed accounts of the condition of your motorcycle both before and after transit. Just before you transport your bike, you should make sure to perform a thorough inspection internally and externally, especially keeping an eye out for any broken parts, or leaks. Take pictures of any repair work done and keep the documentation from any repair shops or receipts from automotive shops. When your motorcycle arrives at its new destination, you should thoroughly inspect it again, documenting any issues or concerns cosmetically or functionally. Most motorcyclists transport their riding wear along with the bike because it can be especially heavy and cumbersome to transport on your own—be sure to protect the gear from any potential leaks or tire debris if you choose to do so.

Family Getting Ready for Move


Moving is a stressful process and requires attention to detail with every decision made. The outcome of a poorly planned motorcycle move is never desirable, and is often expensive to resolve; it can cause you to have to spend even more money on repairs and replacing damaged parts. Your bike is an investment; keeping it in its best condition will allow you to enjoy it more often and more extensively. Before hiring a moving company to help you transport your bike, make sure that you research their licenses and reputation with clients in the area. Safely transporting your bike requires extra effort, but when your motorcycle arrives in one piece, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to plan efficiently.