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Ways to Smooth Off the Rough Edge of Office Moving

Ways to Smooth Off the Rough Edge of Office Moving

You are not alone if relocating to a new office has you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Along with the regular frustrations involved with any type of moving, office relocation can additionally interrupt your business operations and affect your bottom-line. Regardless of whether your new office space will be down the street or across several state lines from your current location, failing to properly plan the relocation can snowball into a messy situation for you, your clients, and your employees. In this article, we have outlined ways for you to smooth out the rough edges often associated with office moving.

Plan Everything Out Ahead of Time

Thorough planning early-on is essential for a smooth office move. This is not going to be completed during a one-night session. Allow yourself a period of several months to develop and revise a clear, written plan. You should include the following aspects of moving into your plan:


Choose where everything will go allows you to visualize and plan accordingly, in terms of purchasing new equipment and furniture.


Make a simple floor plan for the movers and employees, to ensure that all parties know exactly where you expect everything to go.


Label items before the move through a simple system of color-coding, from high priority to low. This will allow everyone to know what order items should be moved. By having clearly designated priority and non-priority items marked, you can decrease the amount of business downtime.

Reduce Stress Before the Office Move

Whether you are excited or not about your new office space and location, you want to make the moving process as seamless as possible for everyone involved. No matter the scale, complexity, or distance of your corporate move, you will likely experience frustration and high-stress levels if you fail to choose the right moving company in advance.

Relocating your corporate office will involve moving substantial amounts of equipment and will also require logistical details. A few months before the actual move, you will need to choose a full-service and experienced moving company to make the entire process easier and less stressful.

The moving company you choose should be trained on how to carefully move computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and any other fragile and essential office equipment. Deciding on the right company ahead of time will streamline logistics and greatly reduce unnecessary headaches and hiccups.

Ways to Decrease Office Moving-Related Stress Before It Begins

When physically starting the moving process, it is easy for details to get overlooked amongst the boxes and chaos. Therefore, make sure you follow think about the following ahead of time:

Assigning Digital and Technical Responsibilities

This involves changing your digital address on your website as well as online templates used for your letterhead, business cards, and any other documents. Allow enough time to transfer technical aspects, including equipment, phones, internet plans, etc. Make sure to contact Google and other related online services to update your address any online listings you may have.

In-Depth Purging and Cleaning

This is the time to accomplish the serious and intense cleaning you have put off for so long. Before the move, you want to shred and toss out all of the outdated and unnecessary paperwork while eliminating your unwanted equipment and furniture.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Storage Facility

After the purging process, items will still remain that you will rarely use, such as large files and other equipment. These should now go into storage versus taking up valuable office space to minimize clutter and significantly reduce unnecessary overhead costs. Choose a storage warehouse that has options for long- and short-term use and controlled climates to ensure that all of your items are secure.

Let Us Help With Moving Your Office

Since an office move can be especially Boxes in New Office stressful, Watford Moving & Storage wants to help you with all of your relocation needs. We are a full-service moving company who has proudly served satisfied customers throughout Santa Clarita and other Los Angeles County areas in California. Watford Moving & Storage will use over 20 years of office moving expertise to assist you with the process, regardless of the distance or complexity. When planning your office move, please contact one of our moving coordinators who will answer your questions and give you a free quote.