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What are Some Complexities Involved in a Cross Country Move?

What are Some Complexities Involved in a Cross Country Move?

Moving cross country is something we rarely stop to consider until the opportunity presents itself. The dream of moving out-of-state may be long-standing for you and your family, but once the time comes to get the move along, it can be a challenge to keep all your ducks in a row. Local moves can present challenges to movers, but it’s common for families and individuals to tackle short-distance moves on their own—despite the unforeseen costs that inevitably come up. However, a cross country move is undoubtably further complicated, and often requires the help of a professional moving company.

It goes without saying that it is critical to hire a moving company you trust with an excellent reputation; however, there are a few other complexities involved in a cross country move that you should know about before tackling the experience head on.

Downsizing and packing for the long hull

Besides hiring a reputable moving company, beginning the process of packing can seem overwhelming to most movers. The first thing you should do is downsize your belongings and narrow it down to only the items you’ll be taking with you. By downsizing ahead of time, you can not only cut your cost of moving significantly, but you don’t have to deal with getting rid of items you don’t want anymore in an unfamiliar, new location. Here are some packing tips that prove to be especially helpful for cross-country moves.

  • Thoroughly and clearly label boxes
  • Stay organized and make to-do lists
  • Use appropriate packing materials
  • Keep important items and documents accessible

Moving with children or dependent adults

Making the appropriate arrangements for children and dependent adults is something that often goes overlooked by movers, as the process of moving itself is difficult and stressful enough. However, throughout your move it’s important to stay prepared so you can make the moving experience less stressful for all. Here are a few tips for moving with children or dependent adults:

  • Keep important medications on-hand
  • Keep important paperwork and documents on-hand
  • Plan ahead: pack toys, snacks, activities, and comfy things for the long trip
  • Keep an emergency bag with you at all times

Moving with pets

Moving with pets is another complexity of moving across country that can present difficulty. Pets can also be stressed out by a cross-country trip, so it’s important to plan ahead for our furry little friends. Here are a few things you can do to make the move easier on your pets:

  • Plan a few stops along the way
  • Pack enough food and water for your pet’s trip
  • Keep any medications on-hand
  • Know of a few veterinary clinics along the way in case of emergency
  • Plan to bring your pet to a reputable veterinarian when you arrive at your new location

Moving special furniture and antiques

Large pieces of furniture are often extremely heavy, and if the furniture has significant meaning to you, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect it. Pianos, armoires, and other potential antique furniture are susceptible to damage on cross-country moves, so here’s what you can do to help keep it in one piece along the way:

  • Look into the moving company’s specific experience
  • Be sure to plan and research logistics ahead of time
  • Ask about the moving company’s available insurance options for valuable or antique pieces
  • Have pieces appraised ahead of time

Mode of transportation

Your moving company will be tasked with transporting your Cross Country Movers valuables and belongings across the country to your new destination. However, don’t forget to plan ahead for your own mode of transportation. Here are things you shouldn’t forget to do before you leave:

  • Have your car checked out and tuned up
  • Plan a few rest stops along the way
  • Stop and enjoy the scenery if you can

For over twenty years, the professional movers here at Watford Moving & Storage have helped countless families and individuals pull off successful cross country moves from the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County, CA, areas. Every move we encounter is different and presents unique challenges, which has added to our experience over the years. If you are planning a cross-country move and are looking for a professional moving company to assist you, please contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our services.