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What Are the Benefits of Moving During Off-Seasons?

What Are the Benefits of Moving During Off-Seasons?

When you are scheduling your next move in your house or apartment, take into consideration all aspects, such as choosing the best time, weather, traffic, and expenses. Everything comes into play and can make moving either a hassle or a breeze. If you can wait until the off-season, you may be better off.

Is there a “season” for moving?

Is there really an off-season for moving? Believe it or not, yes, there is. Summer is usually the busiest season for movers. More people move during this time than at any other time of the year. When the weather is nice, people tend to be more active and look for new places to live. Families also tend to move during the summer because their children are out of school. Since so many people are moving at this time, there are higher moving costs involved.

Other times of the year are slower. During the winter months, many movers have an open schedule. This “off season” can be a benefit to you.

Benefits of Moving During the Off-Season

Lower Moving Costs

One of the best reasons to move during the off season is money savings. You can usually get large discounts, since moving companies want your business. Unlike summer when there are so many people moving, you can usually get the deals during the winter. Fall and spring are also still cheaper than summer.


During the off-peak season, movers usually have a pretty open schedule. This allows you to be able to choose the pick up and delivery dates that work best for you.

The Weather

The fall usually offers pleasant weather conditions. During the summer months, it can be too hot. The spring can be rainy and winter can bring snow, so fall is the target temperature for off-season moving.

Your Choice of Movers

When you schedule a move during the busy season, you may not be able to choose the mover that you want. During this time, companies get extremely busy and their schedules get filled. If they are unavailable, you may have to choose a company that isn’t as reputable as the one you were hoping for. Schedule your moving during this off season to get the mover of your choice.

Real Estate Deals

Moving companies aren’t the only ones that give you a good deal during the winter months. Since people aren’t looking to relocate in the off season as often, you may find the house of your dreams and get it at a reasonable price.

When is the best time to move?

Autumn has many advantages over the other seasons. The weather is usually nice and the temperatures are very pleasant. The peak season for movers has ended and you can get some good deals. Moving during the fall also gets you into your new home before the jovial holiday season begins. This time of the year gives you the opportunity to show off your new home during family engagements and parties.

Planning Your Move

Choosing the right time of your move is important. Sometimes it isn’t possible to wait until the optimal time. Family issues and job changes usually dictate when you need to move, but if you are not in a hurry, you can reduce expenditures and find a better real estate deal.

To movers, there are 2 main seasons: peak season and off-peak season. Their peak season is April through September. Their busiest months are June, July, and August.

Whenever you choose to move is ultimately your decision. As long as you choose a reputable mover like Watford Moving & Storage, you can’t go wrong. But with planning, patience, and flexibility, you can reduce stress and cut costs by moving in off season.

Hiring a Reliable Mover

Mover in Winter

The most important thing that you can do when moving is to hire a moving company that you can trust. We know how to make things easier for you. The benefits that you will receive are numerous. Don’t fret over all of the small details. We are here to help guide you and move you and your belongings safely to your destination.