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What Characteristics You Should Seek in a Mover

What Characteristics You Should Seek in a Mover

Moving is a process that generates a ton of stress from start to finish. Having a good moving technique down does not come naturally, and the average family or household requires help getting the process going. There are many unforeseen issues that can arise during a move, so it’s essential to have knowledgeable, professional help throughout your move. Hiring a professional moving company may be new to you, and there are certainly qualities that you should look for in a business before hiring one. Every moving situation is unique; for instance, your individual needs might be different from that of a family of seven. Truly knowledgeable professionals will be able to find solutions that work best for your own circumstances. There are other things to look out for in a moving company, and they are all equally important. Doing research before you choose a company to move your precious belongings is a responsible step to take, and it will likely leave you with a more positive end result. For a little extra help in the research phase, here are some of the characteristics you should seek in a mover:


This is usually the first place we start when researching any business or service before investing our money in them, and it’s a good place to begin. You can start by looking at a company’s online reviews to investigate the impressions, opinions, and level of satisfaction from others who have utilized their services. Keep in mind that while not all clients will be pleased equally with a company’s services, it is important to find the baseline of customer satisfaction. You can also look deeper into a company’s reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any red flags or complaints against them. By looking first at a company’s reputation, you can find out how well liked they are by the general public which will help you narrow down your list of companies to compare.

Expertise + Certified/Licensed

The right moving company should have plenty of professional experience and expertise in conducting moves of all different types. International; out-of-state; long-distance; local; upstairs; downstairs—all of these challenges should be familiar to an experienced, professional company. If you want more information from a specific moving company on the various services they offer, you can contact them for a list of references or jot down some of their specific qualifications yourself over the phone. Furthermore, an experienced company will proudly display their licensing and certifications. Moving companies must be licensed and certified federally to move internationally, and it is always in your best interest to fact-check their claims.


Everyone’s communication needs are different during a moving process; some individuals prefer to remain in constant contact with their moving company so that they can stay informed and updated on the game plan for moving day. It’s first important to understand what you need and expect from a moving company before hiring someone you feel you can trust and rely on to take good care of your belongings in transit. You can test out how well a company communicates by contacting them in-person, over the phone, or via email to get more details about their services. Their level of responsiveness and attentiveness will indicate how well they will handle the actual moving process in terms of meeting your communication needs. The moving company you choose should make you feel secure in your decision, and remain in contact with you the way you expect and hope. Customer service is the most important aspect of the moving business, so be sure to find a company that resonates well with your individual style of communication.

Family Relocation

Our Commitment to Our Clients

At Watford Moving & Storage in Santa Clarita, CA, we have over 20 years of experience moving businesses and households all over the country. Whatever your moving needs are, we’ve seen it all—and if we haven’t, we’re up for a challenge. Our reputation in the community has been maintained by our strong work ethic and passion for helping others—there is no job we can’t handle, and no client we will turn down. Furthermore, our certifications with the American Moving and Storage Association and the Department of Transportation give us credibility to move locally as well as internationally. For more information about our services and our philosophies on customer service, contact us today—we look forward to helping you relieve some stress during this transitional time.