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What to Look For When Hiring an Interstate Mover in California

What to Look For When Hiring an Interstate Mover in California

Choosing the right moving company can be the first step involved in what can be a messy, complicated process—especially if you don’t have access to need-to-know information about your movers beforehand. Movers in Southern California areas like Santa Clarita often have to travel far distances to get to their destination locations—whether you are moving across the county or across state lines, finding the right moving company can feel overwhelming, but is essential to the overall success of the process. Interstate movers located in California aren’t always familiarized with the areas they move to, which is why it is important to do research ahead of time on prospective moving companies who can help make it go a little more smoothly. Knowing what to look for is critical in order to find a reputable, trustworthy moving company, so here are a few suggestions on what to look for when hiring an interstate mover in California:

License & insurance

The company you choose should be properly licensed and insured to pull of a long distance move. In order to perform local moves, the business must be licensed in the state they conduct their business. A company’s state licensure will likely be somewhat different than their interstate licensure to move to certain states—check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s guidelines for moving companies, and verify that the prospective company is registered through their website. There are designated rules and regulations that all moving companies must abide by, so look for any red flags about potential violations that are documented in the company’s history. While this doesn’t always indicate a company’s reliability accurately, it can certainly help you get a better idea of their past experiences with other clients.


Reputability is key—there are many ways to find out more about a moving company’s reputation besides simply verifying licensure and insurance. After narrowing down your list of companies that are licensed and insured, you can further the process by looking at the company’s reviews left online by former clients and customers. A plethora of overwhelmingly positive experiences narrated by other movers like yourself can help put your mind at ease about a company, and a large amount of negative reviews can spare you the hardship of hiring a less-than-acceptable option. Another element that may add to a company’s reputability is their ties to other moving-specific organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association. This gives an added credibility to your moving company of choice and can further verify a company’s reputation as outstanding.

Pricing & affordability

Lastly, carefully review the company’s pricing and affordability for interstate moves—companies sometimes get away with hidden fees and get out of liability for broken or damaged items when customers do not thoroughly review contracts and paperwork. Be sure to get an upfront estimate of how much your move is likely to cost, and find out how they adequately prepare for such moves in order to avoid their clients paying hefty fees for employee overtime and unexpected costs in transporting larger items. The right moving company should be accommodating in price as well as customer convenience—they shouldn’t charge you an arm and a leg to get from one location to another. Furthermore, reasonable pricing can best be determined once you figure out just how much you need to move, and the nature of the move in difficulty such as moving up flights of stairs and through small doorways. Do yourself a favor and perform an accurate assessment of the items that need to be transported ahead of time.

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