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Why Long Distance Moves are So Complex

Why Long Distance Moves are So Complex

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to moving your life to another location. You’ve got a job to secure, schools to look for, items to sell or give away, a new home to nail down, new doctors or health care providers to build relationships with, and unending loads of paperwork to fill out – not to mention the cost of moving alone! That’s a lot to handle with even a relatively local move. If you’re moving to a long-distance location, especially out-of-state or out of the country, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. In this article, we’ll go over some of the hidden and complex challenges that long-distance movers often face so that you can feel more prepared for this big life transition, and hopefully allow the process to go a little smoother and as stress-free as humanly possible.

All the things to consider…

As we said before, there is much to consider when moving a long distance away. It helps to have an idea of what you’re up against so that you can best prepare for the big day. Here are some things you should think about:

Budget and associated moving costs

Nailing down a moving budget might prove to be a little more difficult than one would typically imagine. It helps to know that movers often calculate moving costs based on the weight of your items, the length of commute to the new location, and how much labor the adventure will likely require – not to mention fuel costs! That’s a lot to think about, so it’s important to consult with a few moving companies to help you determine what the actual cost might be when all is said and done.

Packing for success

Packing your belongings is an important part of the process that is often left for the last minute. Seasoned movers would strongly advise against this for several reasons. First, the cost of moving is largely determined by the amount of belongings you have, which can be significantly decreased with some thoughtful planning, purging, and selling. Second, packing everything at the last minute often leads to a rushed job, which creates prime conditions for beloved, treasured items to become damaged, misplaced, or even broken beyond repair. Do yourself a favor and find adequate, affordable packing materials for the items you absolutely must take with you.

Planning your schedule around the move

Many long-distance movers forget that research is a huge part of what will help you feel grounded once you arrive at your new location, but will also help the process of the long-distance move go more smoothly. Looking up restaurants, emergency services, grocery stores, pharmacies, veterinarians, and other important services nearby can help ease the transition. Of course, you can’t plan for everything, so ultimately plan for the unexpected!

Professional assistance

Hiring a professional moving company involves a different set of tasks and other forms of research. When looking for a reliable moving company, it helps to keep in mind the following:

o The company’s track record with the community it serves
o How the company determines their pricing and what times of year, month, or week are cheapest
o Insurance options they offer
o Scheduling the move well in advance
o Company licensing, certification, and other qualifications
o Special services like moving especially large/heavy items

If you’re able to keep all of these factors in mind while researching a reputable, reliable moving company in your area, then you’ll likely wind up with a more successful long-distance move in the end. If you take nothing else from this article, planning ahead for a long-distance move is the best thing you can do to optimize your chances of success.

Family on Moving Day

How we can help you

At Watford Moving & Storage, we make it our mission to help movers prepare for long-distance moves in any way we can. We know how difficult the process of moving can be, and we take every precaution to make it go smoothly for our clients. In the communities of Santa Clarita and other Los Angeles County areas, we are especially known for our expertise and efficiency in long-distance moves. For help planning your next move, please contact one of our experts on-staff.