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Why Moving Rates Vary with Time

Why Moving Rates Vary with Time

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to moving; every case is unique and based upon the individuals’ needs that are moving. The process of moving is fluid and ever changing depending on the needs of the client. However, the cost of moving is another evolving part of the process. Moving rates vary greatly throughout the course of a year and are dependent upon several different factors. Having a better, general idea of the factors that affect moving rates are helpful to know so that you can plan your move accordingly, or at the very least know what to expect when the big day comes. Moving rates vary with time because some of the factors that affect the cost are also in constant fluctuation. Here are some of the most basic reasons why moving rates vary with time:

Gas prices

The price of gas is in a constant fluctuating state. Furthermore, various states are affected differently by gas costs, making it important to research the cost of gas in other states you could potentially be moving to. Moving trucks can use up a lot of gas on the road—even more gas is used in heavier trucks. One of the ways that moving companies typically fix their costs is based on how heavy your items are collectively. Heavier trucks carrying more objects and belongings use more gas, and this will likely be factored into your moving estimate and costs. Be sure to ask your specific moving company how they factor gas costs into the process. In order to lessen the cost of your move, you can eliminate as many objects from your move as possible. You could hold a garage sale, sell more expensive belongings online, or move some items yourself. This will also make the process go by quicker.

Needs and demands of the public

As time goes by the needs and demands of the public change; when the publics’ demands change, moving companies must alter the way they practice their business. For instance, hourly wages increase over time, and change state-by-state. Moving companies must pay their employees accordingly, and this can cause a fluctuation in moving rates. A general rule of thumb is that the longer your move takes a moving company, the more it will cost. This is because they have to pay their employees hourly wages, and they have to make a certain amount of money each day. If your move takes an entire day, it could cost anywhere from one to two thousand dollars, depending on the moving company’s policies. To get a clear picture of how a company pays their employees and bases their rates on supply and demand, you should contact several businesses in your area to get more information.

Timing of moves

Moving companies also base their prices on the time of day, week, month, or year that moves are most planned. Lower pricing is usually common during the typical workdays of a week, Monday through Thursday; more expensive moves occur over weekend periods when most people are off work. After or before rush hour is also important to consider when planning your move—moving during the busiest, most congested time of day is never optimal, especially in the Los Angeles area. Moving during the middle of a month is better than the end or beginning of a month because lease and rental agreements are typically up at those times, making moving companies busier. Furthermore, some months our of the year are busier than others; holiday months toward the end of the year are often more congested. When planning your move, timing is critical to factor into your plans.

How we can help

Watford Moving & Storage in Santa Clarita, CA, has Falling Prices been serving the Los Angeles areas for over 20 years; we are familiar with the typical obstacles of moving in the LA area and know how to navigate the process seamlessly. Every moving company is different, and we have our own policies on how we factor the costs of a move. Because moving rates are ever evolving, we make sure to adequately inform our clients of options and solutions that will work best for their budget and individual needs. For more information about how we set our prices, contact us today for an estimate or quote—we look forward to helping you feel more informed about all of your options.