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Why You Should Have Insurance Coverage While Moving Your Antiques

Why You Should Have Insurance Coverage While Moving Your Antiques

Moving valuable objects and antiques should always be done with care. This can be a very stressful event for individuals, whether they are moving these types of items for relocation, sale of the items, or for an exhibition. Whatever the reason, you should always have insurance coverage whenever you move your antiques. This article will explore the reasons and options.

Natural Disasters

This point is particularly important if your antique is travelling a long distance, such as from the east coast to the west or even international. No matter how much care is taken in storing your antique on the many stops across its journey, sometimes mother nature simply has other ideas. While insurance will not stop fires, floods, or tornadoes from happening, it does give you some guarantee that no matter what happens, you will at least not be out of pocket for the loss.

Damage and Theft

Sometimes the individuals you trust with your antiques are not as professional as you would like. Ideally, when it comes to moving your valuables, you should always opt for specialist movers with experience in transporting valuable goods. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so getting insured can really help add another layer of safety to the process. Insurance can help ensure that movers treat your antique with the respect and reverence that it deserves, preventing accidents from loss of focus or corner cutting, such as dropages, knocks, and dings.

Insurance will also give you cover against some more nefarious variables, such as damage from vehicle wrecks and also theft. Valuables are always subject to theft. Should theft of your antique occur, insurance will help ensure you are reimbursed for the loss, should the authorities be unable to locate the perpetrator.

Less Stress

Moving an antique can be a worrying process for its owners, and if you throw in other factors, such as moving a household or negotiating a sale, you can be left thinking of a thousand things at once. This certainly increases the risk of something going wrong in the process of relocating your antiques. Insurance helps take some of the weight off your mind. This provides a guarantee that should something happen, a solution will be quickly available.

Irreplaceable Memories

Antiques are often passed down generation after generation and can have sentimental value on top of their existing physical value. This reason alone should be enough to want to seek insurance when moving your prized heirloom, as it really cannot be replaced. However, if the worst does happen, being insured means that while cannot replace the tangible connection to memories your antique possessed, you can afford to purchase a suitable replacement to pass on to your loved ones.

Smart Investment

Happy Family After Antique Move

You may be moving your antiques as a dealer or investor, and therefore should seek moving insurance as a smart investment. After all, when moving your valuables, you have to trust that the movers you have chosen are reliable and will treat your goods with care. This is why you do your due diligence and research their previous customer service record. Picking a poor moving service can result in damage or loss of your items, which can result in lack of trust or future business from your clients. However, being insured will mean you aren’t left footing the bill.

Watford Moving & Storage

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